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  • Intel analysis cells continue worldwide support amid COVID-19

    Across the globe, there have been significant changes to daily life since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With new protocols in place, the Department of Defense has directed continual operations, and Team Offutt is doing its part to ensure the mission never stops by still generating flights,

  • Offutt personnel enter damaged facilities

    Team Offutt personnel have regained access to buildings and facilities to begin assessing damage and recovering items which were underwater less than a week ago.Today, more than 20 buildings have been cleared for initial disaster recovery efforts, through a safe and methodical approach, with more

  • Secretary of the Air Force: We will rebuild Offutt

    Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson met with Team Offutt leadership and various elected officials March 22 to discuss rebuilding efforts for the base following recent flooding.Just a week earlier, the base began taking on water that eventually covered one-third of the installation

  • Communications Airmen stand-up cyber café

    More than 3,000 Team Offutt members have been displaced from their work centers due to flooding and are being rehoused in other facilities throughout the base.The base starting taking-on water March 15 and within 48 hours about one-third of the installation was flooded. While displaced units wait