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Health and Fitness
  • Airmen compete in base Slimpossible challenge

    The New Year is a chance for people to hit the restart button on goals that they weren’t able to accomplish last year. For one Mountain Home Airman, improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is their goal, and they are ready for the long road ahead.
  • Airmen improve PFA scores, promote culture of fitness

    A heavy emphasis has been placed on health factors affecting Service member’s ability to pass the PFA. The nation as a whole has allocated more research and funding than ever before to target obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Recent data shows approximately eight percent of military members currently meet criteria for being clinically overweight. This is a rise from 2001, with only 1.6 percent of members identified as obese. The Tobacco, Obesity and Alcohol study estimated that obesity and illnesses related to being overweight accounted for more than $1.1 billion spent on medical care for Tricare Prime beneficiaries.