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  • RTAs strengthen resilience across Grand Forks AFB

    In order to build combat-ready airmen, the Air Force Enlisted Force Development Action Plan states that airmen must form resilience-building habits that focus on connection among the mind, body, spirit and relationships. Comprehensive Airman Fitness provides a framework for this concept that focuses

  • Airmen compete in base Slimpossible challenge

    The New Year is a chance for people to hit the restart button on goals that they weren’t able to accomplish last year. For one Mountain Home Airman, improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is their goal, and they are ready for the long road ahead.

  • Airmen improve PFA scores, promote culture of fitness

    A heavy emphasis has been placed on health factors affecting Service member’s ability to pass the PFA. The nation as a whole has allocated more research and funding than ever before to target obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Recent data shows approximately eight percent of military members