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  • Goldfein, Wright outline keys to strong leadership, its role in Air Force excellence

    Judging by the conversations and hardware on display, cutting edge technology – virtual reality, 5th generation equipment, hypersonic weapons, cyber capabilities – was the dominant theme at the Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando.
  • Air Force Sports seeks Airmen basketball players

    The Air Force is looking for men and women for the 2019 Armed Forces Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams. Applications are due March 23 for coaching staffs and March 29 for athletes. Active-duty, guard and reserve members apply through the APPTRAC system.
  • The beginning of Black History Month

    Black history is American history in itself; the beginning of black history month dates back to 1915. According to David Dollman, 20th Fighter Wing historian, African American history began upon the first arrival of enslaved people from West Africa in the 16th century and from then on have been influencing history through life, culture, inventions and so much more.
  • Commentary: watching out for lost wingmen

    6,079. That’s the number of veteran suicides for 2016, the most recent year reported. In some ways it’s just a random number and hard to put into any type of perspective. In many ways it’s sobering, sad, disturbing and disappointing. There will probably never be answers for the question of why people commit suicide.
  • Contractor expands communications squadron

    The sun rises over the horizon as one of Team Shaw’s members logs into the phone system, answers the ringing phone and begins working on tickets.
  • Operation Argument (‘Big Week’): The beginning of the end of the German Luftwaffe

    By late January 1944, Eighth Air Force had received sufficient numbers of P-51D Mustangs and P-47D Thunderbolts, both fitted with external fuel tanks, to resume the bombing of Germany. These fighters now had the range to escort the bombers all the way to their targets in Germany and back to home bases. Operation Argument was scheduled for late February, with the goal of establishing air supremacy over Western Europe prior to the invasion of France scheduled for late May or early June. During the week of Feb. 20-25, 1944, what became known as “Big Week” in Air Force history, Eighth Air Force and the Royal Air Force from England and Fifteenth Air Force from southern Italy conducted strategic bombing raids against German aircraft factories and other industrial targets. These raids, Operation Argument, marked the restart of the strategic bombing of Germany, halted in October 1943, and the beginning of the end of the German air force (Luftwaffe).
  • Improving Relations Through Friendship Games

    More than one hundred service members from the U.S., United Arab Emirates, and several coalition nations participated in the Friendship Games Feb. 6, 2019, at Al Dhafra Air Base, UAE. This semi-annual event used games to promote partnerships between the different countries.
  • Medical services return to Tyndall

    With the progression of the base’s recovery efforts, the 325th Medical Group is ramping up its health care services for Tyndall Airmen. Hurricane Michael, a category 4 hurricane that swept across the Tyndall landscape Oct. 10, 2018, may have delayed the medical group facility’s $54 million renovation project, but it did not alter the original intent of the renovation’s outcome -- to create an updated clinic layout, enhancing accessibility to health care services and improving patient flow.
  • Grand Forks AFB earns 2018 Air Force Outstanding Unit Award

    General James M. Holmes, commander, Air Combat Command, recently announced the 319th Air Base Wing among the winners of the 2018 ACC Air Force Outstanding Unit award and Air Force Organizational Excellence award for June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2018.
  • Airmen behind the lens

    Many people see photos and videos of maintainers working, jets flying and Airmen throughout the Air Force serving their country, but who are the Airmen behind the lens?