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Tag: Atlantic Ocean
  • Weather Wing Targets Elsa

    The 557th Weather Wing, the Air Force’s only wing of its kind, marshalled significant capabilities to track and predict the behavior of Hurricane Elsa as it formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Even before the system strengthened into a named storm, the wing had armed commanders in the Southeastern United States with forecasts of when and where the storm might strike, as well as possible impacts to operations. The wing accelerated change ahead of the 2021 hurricane season to ensure commanders at all echelons have access to the information they need for decision superiority.
  • Team Seymour tracks Hurricane Matthew

    UPDATE, Oct. 6, 9:30 a.m.: Hurricane Matthew is a strong Category 3 hurricane located 255 miles southeast of West Palm Beach, Florida, moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. Matthew will move into a more favorable environment over the next several hours and is forecast to strengthen into a Category 4 hurricane before encroaching on the Florida coastline. Matthew will move up the eastern seaboard and is expected to make an eastward turn late Saturday into Sunday and begin to move southward back toward the Bahamas on Monday into Tuesday. Based upon the current track, Fort Fisher is still expected to see tropical storm conditions and heavy rain with upward of 10 - 12 inches. Gusty winds and 4 - 6 inches of rain are expected here at Seymour Johnson. Localized flooding is expected in the area.