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  • Load crews train for deployment operations

    Imagine mission success laying on the shoulders of the individuals to your right and left. For one team of Airmen, the shortcomings of one can be catastrophic to the task at hand. These groups of professionals assigned to the 20th Maintenance Group, spanning three fighter squadrons, work in unison

  • Armament flight: Enhances falcon lethality

    Parked across the flight line at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, numerous F-16CM Fighting Falcons wait for a call to action. Airmen, assigned to the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron armament systems flight’s gun work center, ensure the lethal, high-velocity M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannons

  • One team, one fight: part I

    When thinking about the F-16CM Fighting Falcon and its mission, many people only think about the pilot and their jet, but there are many more working pieces to the puzzle ensuring the mission is accomplished. In order to step into an aircraft and be cleared fit to fight, pilots must get a physical