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Tag: 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
  • Metals techs build from ground up

    The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron aircraft metals technology flight keeps 20th Fighter Wing F-16 Vipers flying at home station and downrange by embracing innovation in their operations.
  • Team Shaw hammers down at WSEP West

    Shooters from the 55th Fighter Squadron, 55th Fighter Generation Squadron and Airmen from the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron participated in exercise WSEP West at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Nov. 2–13. WSEP West, part of the Weapons Systems Evaluation Program, is an evaluation of the process of dropping munitions, from assembly to landing.
  • NDI stays mission ready

    Team Shaw members are always ready to employ and sustain combat ready suppression of enemy air defense, F-16 Fighting Falcons and develop combat ready Airmen to win our nation’s wars.
  • Success has no limit for women in the Air Force

    As the sun rises and liquid nitrogen heats up in the metal shop, an Airman puts bearing cups from an Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon into the substance so the bearing cup expands and comes apart. She proceeds to snap on her gloves, glasses and apron to prepare for another day.
  • AMMO keeps heartbeat

    While many Team Shaw members are sound asleep, some Airmen must continue to keep the heart of the base beating with 24-hour operations. The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron is one of many squadrons that work throughout the night.
  • Hidden talent: powerlifting

    Many times people go through life never knowing about the incredible talent they may possess. This would be true for Staff Sgt. Allen Plata, 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron stockpile management crew chief, who may have never known about his powerlifting abilities if it weren’t for joining the Air Force.
  • Armament flight: Enhances falcon lethality

    Parked across the flight line at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, numerous F-16CM Fighting Falcons wait for a call to action. Airmen, assigned to the 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron armament systems flight’s gun work center, ensure the lethal, high-velocity M61A1 Vulcan 20 mm rotary cannons are suitable for installation into F-16s.
  • 20th FW flagship receives new tail flash design

    The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron corrosion control flight changed the tail flash of the flagship F-16CM Fighting Falcon, May 15-18.
  • NDI Airmen acquire new X-ray system

    The 20th Equipment Maintenance Squadron nondestructive inspection flight received game-changing equipment in January. The equipment, which is a next-generation X-ray processing system, is projected to provide the numerous agencies at Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina, served by the nondestructive inspection flight, with swift and efficient equipment examinations.
  • Airmen endure 20th SFS combat scenarios

    As 20th Fighter Wing Airmen from varying career fields approach a series of obstacle courses, they gather around 20th Security Forces Squadron Airmen, known as defenders, and prepare themselves for a morning intended to test their mind, body and spirit, March 24.