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  • Air Force Releases Support for Military Families results

    The Department of the Air Force is dedicated to bringing awareness to, and mitigating, factors that negatively affect readiness and retention for military members and their families. Local support for military members and families who reside on and around our installations is an important factor in total force readiness. For more information visit the SUPPORT TO FAMILIES tab at https://www.af.mil/
  • AF launches new benefits website for Airmen, families

    To demonstrate its commitment to supporting Airmen and their families, the Air Force has launched the MyAirForceBenefits website. This is an official military website that offers Air Force families the tools to plan, budget, and prepare for retirement, separation, deployment, re-enlistment, and survivor support.
  • Connecting the community through fresh produce

    Team Seymour is comprised of people that bring the community together in a variety of ways. Melanie Simon, an Air Force spouse and organizer of the bi-monthly produce run, embodies the wing priorities with the creation of a produce run where customers can purchase fresh produce at an affordable price. During a trip to the local farmer’s market with her mother in October 2019, Simon envisioned the current produce run event that now services over 50 families in Goldsboro, North Carolina.
  • Resilient kids, ready Airmen

    One thing Airmen worry about when they deploy is the well-being of their family, especially children who may have a hard time coping with the challenges that come with a parent’s deployment. The impact of deployment on children is a key component of Airmen readiness. Knowing their family is well helps Airmen focus on the mission.