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  • Inspiring Youth

    Over the course of two weeks Airmen from across the 355th Wing mentored children in the Arizona Youth Impact Program (YIP) summer camp. The Youth Impact Program is an innovative program that partners leaders from the U.S. military with leaders from universities across the United States to improve

  • 25th ATKG pilots help students take flight

    Students from Crestwood High School and the Sumter Career and Technology Center completed a drone pilot certification program with mentorship from 25th Attack Group pilots, May 31. Students who completed the inaugural program and successfully passed a Federal Aviation Administration exam were

  • AFCENT band connects with Qatari music students, highlights year of culture

    Few things on Earth are able to transcend regional or cultural norms. Mathematics, chemistry and music have that capability, each with their own rules and lexicon. However, music is known for evoking an emotional connection that can leave a lasting impact far beyond a singular event. The U.S. Air