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  • MFLC: counselors here to help with life’s challenges

    Life, family and work can easily throw a person out of balance or feel stretched too thin. The military is dedicated to providing resources for military members and their families to teach them how to work through tough times. The Military Family Life Counselor program is one such program.

  • E and E: aircraft physicians

    Imagine flying at 15,000 feet and all at once the engines stop, display screens power down, flight controls fail and the air becomes unbreathable.As catastrophic as this may sound, mishaps like these are avoided regularly as a result of the 23d Component Maintenance Squadron’s electrical and

  • Chaplain gains new perspective

    Deployments often raise thoughts of Airmen in combat zones, operating in foreign communities that may not understand their presence. In some deployed locations Chaplains can provide opportunities for Airmen to get into these communities and give back. One U.S. Air Force Chaplain used a deployment to

  • SERE specialists past, path help others survive

    Growing up in a log cabin in the Michigan wilderness, one young man’s quest for adventure consisted of bushwhacking trails where he’d sometimes end up lost in the middle of nowhere with his survival at stake. While developing a love for finding his way to safety, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Travis

  • A tale from the “Greatest Generation”

    Many people remember what they were doing or at least remember where they were when they heard the news of historic events: the attacks of 9/11, finding Osama Bin Laden, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Boston Bombing.However, another memory is slowly fading along with the generation that reacted

  • Doing your best no matter what

    Difficult times can bring out the very best in people — war, a loss of a friend and even more. The U.S. Air Force has a tradition of honor, and a legacy of valor stretching back long before it was even called the Air Force.For retired Chief Master Sgt. Bill Gornik, this meant answering his nation’s

  • Italian exchange pilot lives thunder standard

    Children dream. Some fantasize about winning the gold or being the best, but one young Italian boy’s childhood dream of becoming a pilot never died and years of hard work turned his dream into reality. Countless hours of hard work and perseverance took Capt. Roberto Manzo, 74th Fighter Squadron

  • Guardian Angel Combat Leaders Course put into action

    It takes countless years of career field education, multiple deployments and temporary duty assignments to become a pararescue team leader.The 68th Rescue Flight executed a 65-day course for ten pararescuemen in a newly-designed course to develop their leadership abilities while obtaining their