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  • Tyndall takes medical readiness to the next level

    Large-scale exercises such as Ready Eagle enable Airmen in becoming mission-ready by refining skills such as command and control, triage, decontamination, patient tracking, communication skills and mental preparedness among the various medical teams.

  • Aircraft accident exercise test emergency response

    The 23rd Wing conducted an aircraft accident response exercise at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, March 26, 2024, to test Team Moody Airmen’s communication and response capabilities in an emergency.

  • Rapid Raven 24-1: Posturing EMS warfighters for combat

    In order to establish readiness and further operationalize the wing, the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing went into a warfighting posture during Rapid Raven 24-1, its first internal exercise designed to test its ability to wage war in the Electromagnetic Spectrum and meet combat requirements and

  • Gunfighters complete Operation Garrison Forward phase one

    Aircrew from the 366th Operations Group are executed a two-phase resilient basing operation named Garrison Forward and completed phase one, landing an F-15E Strike Eagle on the taxiway instead of the runway of Mountain Home AFB, Feb 13, 2024. Gunfighters train to conduct military operations