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  • Total Force Integration proved at PSAB

    Rooted in a sea of sand, the U.S. Air Forces Central (AFCENT) mission is, in-part, seamlessly accomplished by both active duty and the Air National Guard—proving the concept of Total Force Integration (TFI). TFI is nothing new. Once called “Future Total Force,” TFI became the standard about 15 years

  • Team Phoenix inducts 42 new members

    “…I will faithfully uphold the Team Phoenix code of ethics, promote mutual respect, and help others in times of need. I promise to improve the culture around me and encourage my peers to do likewise. I take this obligation freely and I volunteer without reservation.” These words were repeated by 42

  • Swamp Fox is here

    With a roar of their engines, a contingent of F-16CJ Fighting Falcon aircraft from the South Carolina Air National Guard’s 169th “Swamp Fox” Fighter Wing, joined the Prince Sultan Air Base team this past month.While their mission here is a defensive one, Swamp Fox personnel offer a sense of