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  • Team Offutt restores lighthouse in the sky

    The Tactical Air Navigation System is the first navigational aid to be back in service June 25, 2019 at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. The TACAN system was only two years old when the transponder cabinet in which it is housed was damaged by flood waters March 2019. While the outer shell remained intact, the inside components were heavily impaired. The TACAN rack which was still under contract, is being provided at no cost to Offutt saving approximately $375,000.
  • Most important weather forecast ever made

    Seventy-five years ago, Allied forces began the task of opening the second front in Europe when they landed on the beaches of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. Weather was a key factor in deciding when and where the invasion would take place. There were competing priorities when selecting the desired conditions for the invasion. Had Stagg and his team delayed the invasion until the next full moon, June 19, Allied forces would have faced one of the largest storms in the English Channel in almost 80 years and D-Day may have very well failed.
  • Offutt’s flood brings out the best

    At 11 a.m. on Friday, March 15, 2019, the 55th Wing leadership team met to discuss what needed to be accomplished to protect assets and facilities from possible flood waters that were creeping towards the installation. Using lessons learned from a flood here in 2011, they knew that if the levy was breached significant flooding would occur to the southeastern side of the base. From the moment the water level started to rise, volunteers worked to relocate supplies, memorabilia and mission essential equipment. The effort was directed in a strategic manner to relocate as much as possible while keeping everyone helping safe.
  • Wilson, Goldfein outline to Senate committee Air Force progress, need for larger force

    Ending the week much as it began, Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein told the Senate Armed Services Committee, April 4, that the Air Force must grow to meet – and defeat – security threats at home, globally and in space in an era of great power competition.
  • Military moms improve conditions

    In 1948, the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act was passed allowing women in military service to receive the same pay and benefits given to men, but it didn’t protect women who wanted to be mothers. The act permitted the military to involuntarily discharge women who became pregnant. In the seven decades since, service women’s rights have
  • 26th OWS Airmen experience the pilot’s perspective

    Two Airmen from the 26th Operational Weather Squadron got to experience the weather they normally only forecast when they donned flight suits and took to the skies at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina, Feb. 21, 2019. Tech. Sgt. Chris Bieber, 26th OWS shift supervisor, and Senior Airman McKayla Dejohnette, 26th OWS weather forecaster, received the opportunity to see firsthand how their weather products affect the mission when they took a familiarization flight on two F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft from the 4th Fighter Wing’s 333rd Fighter Squadron.
  • Survey identifies potential homeless vets

    According to the United States Census Bureau there are more than 21 million veterans in United States and nearly 50,000 are homeless. Nebraska comes in slightly below the natural average with 241 homeless veterans. As a preventative measure, the Department of Defense, the Veterans Administration and the Unites States Interagency Council on Homeless created a system to identify veterans who may be at risk for homelessness.
  • Firefighter training goes virtual

    Firefighters train weekly to maintain readiness, so when the call comes to put their lives at risk for the people they serve, they are prepared. Whether in training or on a live fire, they are susceptible to various carcinogenic toxins - until now. To help reduce the inhalation of toxins, more and more fire departments are purchasing virtual reality equipment to provide a safer way to train their members. The 55th Civil Engineering Squadron, fire department Offutt Air Force Base used innovation funds to purchase a simulator that provides real world scenarios to enhance their skills without being in an unsafe environment.
  • Power crews prevent electrical catastrophe

    On March 14, the 55th Civil Engineer Power Plant team received an alarming call – flood waters had surpassed the base perimeter and showed no signs of slowing. They needed to safely shut off power to all buildings in the flood path as the waters slowly encroached on the southeastern side of the base. Morrow immediately called in two-person crews to start the electrical flood plan shutdown safety procedures to not only save equipment, but save lives.
  • Legal assists personal property claims

    In the wake of base flooding, the 55th Wing Legal office is offering assistance with claims. Claims can be filed for personal property to include for multitude of items such as vehicles to gym bags among others things. For the more than 3,500 members displaced from their work centers, the legal office is encouraging them to submit their claims sooner rather than later.