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  • Moody kicks off Hawgsmoke 2021

    The 23d Wing welcomed A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot, maintenance and weapons teams from seven installations across the globe during the opening ceremony of Hawgsmoke 2021, April 14 at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia.

  • Moody completes first agile combat employment exercise

    After more than a year of planning, the 23d Wing recently executed Mosaic Tiger 21-1 – their first agile combat employment exercise. During the weeklong exercise, Moody functioned as the lead wing for approximately 800 Airmen from across seven wings in four major commands to create a baseline for

  • Moody trail-blazes DOD munitions airlift initiative

    It takes several moving people and pieces to successfully and safely load and airlift munitions, but thanks to an innovative approach, the 23d Wing pioneered an effective and more efficient munitions airlift initiative for the Department of Defense. Just in time for Mosaic Tiger 21-1, Airmen with

  • WITO tests MCA during Mosaic Tiger 21-1

    Moody’s Multi-Capable Airmen program developed and equipped 110 Airmen from 17 different Air Force Specialty Codes with expeditionary, command and control, and mission-generation skills to go from securing the perimeter to refueling aircraft, decreasing the footprint needed downrange. Mosaic Tiger