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Tag: 55th Civil Engineer Squadron
  • Work officially begins replacing Offutt’s aging runway

    Work has officially started to completely replace Offutt’s aging runway as Phase 0 of the $143.9 million project began recently.
  • Offutt runway closure delayed 10 months

    The 55th Wing’s runway replacement at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, has been pushed back from December 2019 to October 2020. The ten-month delay of the runway closure allows for demolition and earthwork to begin before winter and sets up the program to be in the asphalt and concrete work phase by spring 2021.
  • Offutt’s pavement team serve as unsung heroes

    Offutt’s pavement team has been working since November to keep snow off the roads, patch potholes and complete a myriad of other duties to ensure the mission continues. And with a winter that included more than 50 inches of snow, they were not lacking for opportunities to excel.
  • Firefighter training goes virtual

    Firefighters train weekly to maintain readiness, so when the call comes to put their lives at risk for the people they serve, they are prepared. Whether in training or on a live fire, they are susceptible to various carcinogenic toxins - until now. To help reduce the inhalation of toxins, more and more fire departments are purchasing virtual reality equipment to provide a safer way to train their members. The 55th Civil Engineering Squadron, fire department Offutt Air Force Base used innovation funds to purchase a simulator that provides real world scenarios to enhance their skills without being in an unsafe environment.
  • Power crews prevent electrical catastrophe

    On March 14, the 55th Civil Engineer Power Plant team received an alarming call – flood waters had surpassed the base perimeter and showed no signs of slowing. They needed to safely shut off power to all buildings in the flood path as the waters slowly encroached on the southeastern side of the base. Morrow immediately called in two-person crews to start the electrical flood plan shutdown safety procedures to not only save equipment, but save lives.
  • Team Offutt cleans up after powerful storm hits base

    Offutt made significant progress in cleanup efforts following a powerful storm that moved through the base June 16 inflicting damage to buildings, trees and aircraft.