Written push-up instructions

(Instructions taken from Air Force Instruction 36-2905, p. 59)

A7.1.10. Push-Up Verbal Instructions. Test Administrator should state:

The push-up is an assessment of muscular fitness for the upper body (shoulder, chest, and triceps).

Your hands will be placed on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

You must lower your upper body until your upper arm is at least parallel to the floor and elbows bent at 90 degrees before pushing back up to the starting position. If you do not come down that far the push-up will not count.

Start in the up position with your elbows fully extended, feet no more than 12 inches apart, and your weight supported by your arms and toes. You must keep your back straight at all times and lower your upper body until your upper arm is at least parallel to the floor, then return to the up position with arms fully extended. This is one repetition.

Resting must be done in the UP position. If you rest in the down position, this component of the test will be terminated.
Your breathing should be as normal as possible. Make sure you do not hold your breath.

You have 1 minute to perform as many push-ups as you are able. The correct number of push-ups will be counted out loud. Incorrect push-ups will not be counted, and the number of the last correct push-up will be repeated. You will be told what you're doing wrong until you correct the error. The total number of correct push-ups in 1 minute will be recorded as your score.