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  • GBU-15

    Mission The Guided Bomb Unit or GBU-15 is an unpowered, glide weapon used to destroy high value enemy targets. It was designed for use with F-15E, F-111F and F-4 aircraft, but the U.S. Air Force is currently only deploying it from the F-15E. Features The weapon consists of modular components that

  • Guardian Angel

    MissionGuardian Angel is uniquely designed and dedicated to conduct Personnel Recovery across the full range of military operations and during all phases of joint, coalition, and combined operations. Its most fundamental mission tasks are: 1) to prepare personnel who may be isolated or become

  • Guardian Angels FAQ

    Q: What is Personnel Recovery (PR)?A: PR is the sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts to affect the recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel. It consists of four functions: preparation, planning, execution, and adaptation. Within the execution phase there are 5 tasks: report,