Fact Sheet Alphabetical List

  • SAR Agencies

    1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern), through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC), is the single federal agency responsible for coordinating search and rescue activities in the continental United States. It also provides search and rescue assistance to Canada and Mexico. Besides

  • Sniper Pod

    MissionSniper pods provide improved long-range target detection/identification and continuous stabilized surveillance for all missions, including close air support of ground forces. The Sniper pod enables aircrews to detect and identify weapon caches and individuals carrying armaments, all outside

  • SW: 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing

    The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing consists of two Groups: 350th Spectrum Warfare Group and 850th Spectrum Warfare Group. The 350th Spectrum Warfare Group has the equivalent of five squadrons: 16th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 36th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 68th Electronic Warfare Squadron, 513th