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  • Department of the Air Force announces the 12 Outstanding Airmen for 2021

    Air Force officials have selected the service’s top enlisted members, naming the 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2021. A 20th Contracting Squadron Airmen from Shaw Air Force Base, South Carolina is among the winners.
  • Sword Athena shines light on Reserve, ANG obstacles

    When Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., took office in 2020, he released an Air Force wide document “Accelerate Change or Lose.” This tasked units to adjust for the future of the Air Force, which would be more diverse, inclusive and ready. Air Combat Command’s Sword Athena 2021 event provided a forum for ACC Airmen to pitch ideas that accelerated change and tackled female and family-centric barriers to readiness.
  • BTC: the lifeline of the AOR

    In combat zones, having blood products readily available to treat critically wounded patients is crucial to save the lives of military members downrange. Due to the base’s robust mission, a fleet of several different types of aircraft, its prime location in a relatively safe area and large enough facilities to support the constant movement of blood products, Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, is home to the only Blood Transshipment Center in the U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility.

    An F-22A was damaged after experiencing an overheat condition in the auxiliary power unit exhaust bay on October 30, 2020, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. The aircraft involved was assigned to the 422d Test and Evaluation Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, 53d Wing, headquartered at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. The aircraft was maintained by the 757th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 57th Wing, Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada.
  • Advanced LEAP Scholars Host Virtual Subject Matter Expert Exchange

    Through the Training Partnership Request program, Spanish Language Enabled Airman Program scholar Master Sgt. Victor Perez recently provided language support to a Search and Rescue Subject Matter Expert Exchange between the U.S. Air Force, the Mexican Air Force, the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA in Spanish), and Integral Aerial Surveillance Systems (SIVA in Spanish). The TPR program allows the Air Force Culture and Language Center to pair advanced LEAP scholars with partner organizations to host advanced Language Intensive Training Events.
  • Air Force delivers better fitting body armor for female defenders

    The 55th Security Forces Squadron recently issued new body armor to Offutt defenders. What makes this piece of safety equipment special is it was designed to better protect females. For years, female defenders have worn the standard tactical vest issued to them. These standard vests come in different chest sizes and are basically flat. They were not designed with the female body frame in mind.
  • Running for my life - in a good way

    Let me start this commentary with a bit of honesty – last year, if you had told me I’d be writing an article about how running and fitness have changed my mental health significantly, I probably would have laughed. However, that’s exactly what has happened.
  • Mothers in maintenance

    Over the last few years, the Air Force has committed to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative environment by encouraging innovation within the ranks and establishing programs and departments such as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Women of the 90th Aircraft Maintenance Unit at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson are leading the way in innovation and inclusion with their new lactation pod, allowing Airmen who are nursing mothers to continue contributing to the mission at work and at home. Staff Sgt. Victoria Hall, now a dedicated crew chief assigned to the 757th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, had a part in the planning and acquisition of a lactation pod for the 90th AMU.
  • CSAF commemorates victory at Yorktown with French allies

    Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. and French Air and Space Force Chief of Staff General Phillippe LaVigne, gathered at the Yorktown Victory Monument today to lay a commemorative wreath marking 240-years of the siege of Yorktown.
  • Childhood adversity drives Airman’s passion for diversity & inclusion

    As young Romanian girl in a new country where she barely spoke the local language, Flavia Carver learned early that some negative preconceptions are picked up at a very young age, and she experienced how painful it is to be the object of others’ prejudices. The taunts and jeers from her peers for her to “go back to your own country” hardened her skin, and it also solidified her fervency for seeking justice and encouraging inclusion.