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AFNIC, CYSS, 38th CYRS merge into the Cyberspace Capabilities Center

AFNIC becomes CCC

Bldg 1700 Scott AFB is now the home of the Cyberspace Capabilities Center

Scott AFB --

On 7 November 2019, the Air Force will stand up the Cyberspace Capabilities Center in Air Combat Command horizontally aligning the Air Force Network Integration Center (AFNIC), the Cyberspace Support Squadron (CYSS) and the 38th Cyberspace Readiness Squadron (CYRS). 

Consistent with the National Defense Strategy that directs the U.S. military to invest in gaining and exploiting information and to deny adversaries the same ability, this initiative will bridge cyber support gaps, synchronize enterprise requirements across the enterprise and eliminate redundant processes.

The realignment is part of the on-going effort in Air Combat Command to streamline processes and optimize organizational constructs to integrate the Air Force cyber mission realigned from Air Force Space Command in July 2018.

Brigadier General Chad Raduege, Director of Cyberspace and Information Dominance for Air Combat Command, explained the functions and resources from the Air Force Network Integration Center, Cyber Support Squadron, and the 38 Cyber Readiness Squadron will be re-designated and consolidated to achieve unity of effort to address inconsistent function and task alignment across cyber organizations, scalability of resources to meet operational needs, prioritization of demand via multiple requirements processes, and clear delineation of Enterprise Information Technology roles from cyber operation missions and non-information technology services. 

Brigadier General Raduege went onto to say, “we continue to normalize processes as we build out the enterprise requirements process within ACC pulling in both the CCC and the Functional Management Office for Enterprise IT as a Service stood up on 9 July of this year. The continuing and expanding demands on our cyberspace enterprise require us to find better ways to organize, train, and equip those forces." 

The Cyberspace Capabilities Center will not only drive innovation, it will improve cost-effective modernization through centralized direction and synchronization of activities across the enterprise.  This re-designation provides future opportunities to enhance how we conduct and support this important mission while developing our Airmen.

Consolidation also allows the reinvestment of resources to manage centralized cyberspace requirements, enabling warfighter needs while improving delivery of capabilities for mission readiness.  The realignment will be transparent to most Airmen, who will continue to work for the same supervisors and perform the same missions, but under an organizational structure that enhances mission effectiveness.

This reorganization presents great opportunities, not only to maximize our unity of effort, but to push the capabilities of Enterprise Information Technology across the Air Force. 

Air Combat Command Commander Gen Mike Holmes said, “Integrating cyber and air operations streamlines how the Air Force presents forces to joint commanders and improves our effectiveness in multiple domains.” 

These moves will improve our efficiency, enhance our decision making and increase our capabilities in the cyber domain.