Air Force Information Warfare’s new warfighting unit activates

  • Published
  • By Sharon Singleton
  • Sixteenth Air Force

The 616th Operations Center was activated here during a ceremony Monday.

The new OC integrates the 625th OC, including Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operations with the 624th OC, including cyber operations.

Lt. Gen. Timothy D. Haugh, Sixteenth Air Force (Air Forces Cyber) commander, shared his vision for the new center.

“Today we stand up a warfighting unit that will be responsible for the convergence of the Air Force Information Warfare enterprise to create new outcomes for the nation,” said Haugh. “The Airmen of the 616th OC are charged with developing the new operational art that will ultimately change the way our service fights.”

Col. James F. Weaver, the new 616th OC commander eagerly accepted the charge ahead.

“As we move forward into the 616th we bring two great cultures together,” said Weaver. “One that is the gold standard for command and control and the conduct of full-spectrum cyber space operations and one that’s a culture focused on filling gaps and seams to optimize ISR operations worldwide, resulting in increased effectiveness and Air Domain Awareness for Combatant Commanders worldwide.”

The activation concluded with the unfurling of the 616th OC flag and activation of the newly formed 616th OC.

The success in forging the way ahead for the 616th OC will be revolutionary not only for Sixteenth Air Force but for redefining Air Force contributions to joint operations.