New defense system at Nellis increases security capabilities

  • Published
  • By Airman Zachary Rufus
  • 57th Wing Public Affairs

The Air Force Security Forces Center selected Nellis Air Force Base as one of three bases to test a new security system called the Pre-emplaced Electric Vehicle Stopper (PEVS).

During the testing phase, documentation of the system’s ability to adapt in different climates will be annotated.    

The PEVS system is designed to increase security capability and reduce the risks at military installations entry control points. When activated, PEVS can slow or arrest a vehicle’s momentum, to safely prevent vehicles from breaching military gates and allow base defenders time to determine the intent of vehicle drivers.

“This is a part of trying to envision and create the installation of the future,” said John Moravek, 99th Air Base Wing anti-terrorism program manager. “We want to be a part of any new cutting edge technology”

When the PEVS system is activated, two remotely controlled arms pop up, make contact with the bottom of the vehicle and send an electronic pulse to disable the vehicle’s electrical system, bringing the car to a complete stop.

“We've had many issues in the past with our pop-up bollards or pop up stanchions because they can have a deadly impact,” said John Moravek, 99th Air Base Wing anti-terrorism program manager. “The PEVS system is just as effective as the current barriers, but it’s less lethal.”

PEVS was tested on over 100 vehicles and had a 90 percent success rate. It also requires less maintenance and is less costly than Nellis’ current barriers.

 “We want to be on the forefront of any new technology that is being introduced,” said Darron Johnson, 99th ABW anti-terrorism program manager. “So, if we can get it and be the test platform, then we’re happy to do it.”

The PEVS System will be installed at Range gate on July 11-12.