Department of the Air Force Recognizes Energy Awareness Month

  • Published
  • By Melissa Tiedeman
  • Air Force Energy

Every October, the Department of the Air Force recognizes Energy Awareness Month to promote energy resilience and acknowledge the critical role energy plays in mission assurance. As the battlefield grows increasingly complex, supplying power to our forces safely and reliably remains fundamental to our global mission.

The observance theme for 2020 is: “Energy Able, Mission Capable.”

Through optimized planning, data-driven technology, strategic wargaming, energy-informed investments, and the dedication of Airmen and Space Professionals, the Department of the Air Force is enhancing combat capability and readiness for our aircraft and installations.  

“We must be prepared to defend our networks, respond when an event occurs, and sustain the fight," stated John Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment and Energy in a recently released memorandum encouraging continued dedication and support in promoting installation and operational energy resilience efforts.

Everyone has a part to play in increasing force lethality. Effectively distributing, generating, and managing energy should be a top priority for all, not only during Energy Awareness Month, but every month of the year.

To help spread awareness of energy initiatives, visit: and follow the hashtag #EnergyAbleMissionCapable at and