Being Multi-Capable: 366th FW Airmen train for Raging Gunfighter

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Akeem K. Campbell
  • 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Teamwork, communication, adaptability and a drive to learn is what is required to participate in Raging Gunfighter, an exercise that tests the Airmen’s ability to be effective in a deployed environment.

For the past month and a half, personnel have been engaged in the Multi-Capable Airman (MCA) Rodeo, a training exercise that teaches Airmen from different squadrons skill sets from various Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC). This training is meant to prepare Airmen for Raging Gunfighter at Michael Army Airfield, Utah, Feb. 01, to Feb. 04, 2020.

“It’s a great opportunity for so many Airmen from different AFSCs to work together with one another,” said Senior Master Sgt. Melanie Sampson, 366th Operation Support Squadron (OSS) maintenance training superintendent. “It’s important they understand how everyone operates at a different level, gains experience from one another and still be able to develop as a team.”

The training was led by three senior noncommissioned officers: Chief Master Sgt. Erick Lizarraga, 366th Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) operations flight superintendent, Senior Master Sgt. Scott Dietrich, 366th Logistics and Readiness Squadron (LRS) deployment and distribution flight superintendent and Sampson.

“The logistical part of the planning was difficult, but I’m so grateful for the team that we did have with Dietrich and Lizarraga,” Sampson said. “It’s almost like learning another MCA concept. We were able to lean on one another and use our strengths to make a better team.”

The Airmen participating in this exercise were divided into three teams: red team, blue team and green team, in order to accelerate the learning process.

The red team consists of Airmen from the 389th Fighter Squadron, 366th Munitions Squadron and 366th Maintenance Squadron. The blue team consists of Airmen from the 366th LRS, 366th Force Support Squadron and 366th OSS. The green team consists of Airmen from the 366th Communications Squadron, 366th CES and 366th Security Forces Squadron.

Each team learned a variety of skills, ranging from operating a forklift, building large tents, loading and securing cargo, doing airfield checks and more.

On Jan. 22, 2021, they engaged in a capstone exercise where all three teams applied the skills they learned.

“This is a stepping stone that will lead into Raging Gunfighter, and we are building momentum off of this,” Lizarraga said. “What we want to do is let the Airmen experience this type of environment, and let them go through some of those mission essential tasks, so we can tweak any possible mistakes. When they participate in Raging Gunfighter, they will have a higher rate of success - even with limiting factors.”

Even though it was snowing during the capstone, the Airmen persevered by completing several tasks such as: preparing cargo, running a simulated unexploded ordnance grid search, building structures, using a forklift, activating and operating generators, heating ventilation and air conditioning and environmental control units and providing security overwatch.

“Today’s training was a great example about how Airmen were able to learn skills from different AFSCs, and show that they were able to execute what they have learned,” Dietrich said. “They proved that they can go to an austere environment, set up and operate from that camp, sustain themselves and then tear down and leave in an expeditious manner.”

With this training, Airmen have gained knowledge on more than just one AFSC, and have developed the skill to be effective in a different environment - making them true examples of being multi-capable.

“I think the training is really cool,” said Senior Airman Skylar Dean, 366th Force Support Squadron services journeyman. “Coming out and seeing all the different AFSCs is something I personally never done before - watching everyone do different jobs is really valuable.”