PSAB Welcomes new SAPR duo

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Samuel Earick

In April 2021, the 378th Air Expeditionary Wing welcomed new additions to the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program team: 1st Lt. Darby Germain, Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, and Senior Master Sgt. LaTonya Reno, the full-time Victim Advocate.

The mission of the SAPR program is to eliminate sexual assault and ensure excellent victim advocacy and prevention efforts through the execution of SAPR policy, planning, and oversight across the DOD Community.

PSAB’s SAPR team, including volunteer victim advocates, provides 24/7 confidential victim response and support.

“The program provides awareness and prevention education to everyone while also affording an avenue to obtain medical treatment, along with supportive resources to assist victims of sexual violence,” said Reno. “We strive to ensure everyone feels like they have someone to talk to if necessary.”

There are additionally trained personnel located in units across the base who make up a group known as Team Phoenix who also contribute to SAPR success. Although Team Phoenix members are not confidential sources, they can help connect individuals to helping agencies as a familiar face during difficult times.

“We have a total of 25 people, including ourselves, our VVAs and Team Phoenix,” said Germain. “We are about to onboard around 30 more Team Phoenix members!”

Be on the lookout for the team as they plan to visit different squadrons every month, while they get more familiar with the base.

“Our goal for Team PSAB is to be more comfortable, more knowledgeable and more open to seeing the SAPR office as a helpful resource,” said the SAPR duo. “We conduct monthly out-and-abouts to different squadrons to familiarize personnel with the SAPR team, increase morale and eliminate any negative barriers associated with our program.”

The SAPR duo truly enjoys being a part of the team and being able to help people in need.

“I love being part of the SAPR team,” said Germain. “I thoroughly enjoy helping people and sitting in the SARC role gives me much opportunity to be a voice for others. All in all, I want everyone to feel supported and know they have someone to go to if they need help.”

Reno shared the same sentiment.

“I absolutely enjoy being a part of the SAPR team. My role is completely voluntary and assures clients of my devotion to assisting their needs if ever they require our services,” said Reno.

The SAPR team can be contacted at 318-460-7272 (SARC) during duty hours. They are also on call 24/7 and can be reached via phone, Signal or WhatsApp at +966-55-400-7965.