Task Force Crimson reaches its ‘End of Watch’

  • Published
  • By Wayne Amann
  • OSI Public Affairs

Dec. 21, 2015, will always be remembered in the storied history of the Office of Special Investigations, as the date six OSI and Security Forces Airmen made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the Nation.

That fateful day, members of Expeditionary Detachment (EDet) 2405/Task Force (TF) Crimson were on a dismounted patrol when they were attacked by a motorcyclist who detonated an improvised explosive device – instantly killing Special Agents Adrianna Vorderbruggen, Michael Cinco, Peter Taub and Chester McBride, and Security Forces Defenders Tech. Sgt. Joseph Lemm and Staff Sgt. Louis Bonacasa. 

For nearly 20 years, everyone assigned to TF Crimson worked to safeguard Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan and the surrounding area. On June 7, 2021, OSI paid special tribute to its Fallen Heroes and all who served at TF Crimson with the official End of Mission announcement.       

“OSI Afghanistan is officially comm-out,” read the email sent by SA Heather Bellar, 24th Expeditionary Field Investigation Squadron Superintendent, Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, in announcing the closure. “Please be advised that…EDet 2405/Task Force Crimson, Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, lowered the flag over their camp for the last time and called End of Mission.” 

OSI special agents are well known for providing criminal investigations and counterintelligence (CI) support at Department of the Air Force bases around the world. However, OSI’s charter also provided warfighting support in deployed theaters of operation, including Afghanistan.

From executing CI support to force protection, OSI special agents in deployed theaters find, fix, and neutralize hostile adversaries targeting Air Force expeditionary bases, helping to “keep the airfield green,” and ensuring freedom of movement for vital Air Force equipment and personnel.

One of OSI’s flagship units conducting that pivotal mission was EDet 2405. The unit was a true Task Force, combining the efforts and expertise of OSI Special Agents, intelligence specialists, Air Force Security Forces, linguists, and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance operators. 

The TF Crimson team worked together with Joint, Afghan, and international partners to identify, deter, and stop threats to Bagram Air Field. Operating both on and off-the installation, TF Crimson personnel supported Afghan partners in enforcing Afghan law and deterring terrorism. 

Through their efforts, TF Crimson provided commanders with a better understanding of the local area and local threats. In cooperation with international partners also working to ensure the stability and rule of law in Afghanistan, TF Crimson forged and furthered operational cooperation to safeguard the local battlespace from terrorism. 

Throughout its history, TF Crimson proudly represented the best of what OSI brings to the fight. Upon mission stand-down, TF Crimson handed off their Force Protection responsibilities, ensuring that key U.S., Allied and Afghan missions continue securely and efficiently.

“Today we celebrate another milestone in OSI history as we officially hit End of Watch for EDet 2405 - TF Crimson, Bagram AB, Afghanistan. They end an historic run for our command and the DAF in Afghanistan,” said Brig. Gen. Terry L. Bullard, OSI Commander. “TF Crimson team members, both past and present, have had an enormous impact and have left an indelible legacy across not only OSI, but also the Nation as well. I could not be more proud.

“We cannot end this chapter without paying special homage to Adrianna, Pete, Mike, Chester, Joe and Lou whose devastating loss marked one of the darkest days in OSI history,” said General Bullard. “With the closure of EDet 2405, we must all commit to continuing to honor their memory and their sacrifice.”

As a lasting tribute, OSI headquarters is working on a display to honor not only TF Crimson, but also TF Black and all of the OSI personnel who served in Afghanistan. Their selflessness and service will never be forgotten by the command, the American people, or the allies with whom they served.