Intel provides Airmen the ‘why’

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Deanna Muir
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

The 23rd Wing implemented current intelligence briefs to multiple professional development seminars with the first one at Airman Leadership School, Jan. 31, 2022.

In an effort to broaden the scope of knowledge for enlisted Airmen and future supervisors, the briefs provide relevant aspects of modern threats, integrated deterrence and strategic competitors which may challenge U.S. security and way of life.

“We're asking people to be willing to lay their life on the line to support and defend the Constitution and the brethren to the left and right of them, and they don't always understand the why,'' said Master Sgt. Patrick Goldston, Jason D. Cunningham Airman Leadership School commandant. “The quicker and the more we can remove the ‘why’ on the front side helps the operational Air Force as a whole.”

In response to the Air Force’s new Enlisted Force Development Plan outlining the importance of having a highly trained, educated and adaptable force, the 23rd WG inserted these intelligence briefs to the First Term Airman Course (FTAC), Airman Leadership School, enlisted Professional Enhancement Seminars, and the First Sergeant Symposium.

Executing these briefs at multiple levels will provide continuous, career-long development to produce motivated, adaptable and multi-capable Airmen who are prepared to fight.

“Intel's crucial. Intel drives our operations. Whether we play the support role or if we are part of the operation, it drives the actions, facts and statements behind everything that we do,” said Staff Sgt. Paul Giampaolo, 822 Base Defense Squadron Force Protection Intel Analyst.

With intel being the driving force behind actions, it’s crucial Airmen are equipped with accurate and factual information to make appropriate decisions.

“A lot of people stay up to date on current events in the geopolitical scale through news outlets and as we know, not all news outlets can be perfectly unbiased in how they report news,” Giampaolo said. “So what the intel community does best is give unbiased facts and assessments on situations which I think is the best way to give clarity to situations.”

Through accurate and deliberate intel, Moody aims to strengthen the force from the Airman tier to its top leaders.

“The more intelligence they own, the more dangerous they’re going to be,” said Goldston.