ACC Communications Support Squadron test cyber defense during Sentinel Reign VII

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Joshua Edwards
  • Air Combat Command Public Affairs

The Air Combat Command Communications Support Squadron hosted a Cyber Defense Fusion Cell exercise, Sentinel Reign VII, March 27 to 31, pitting Mission Defense Teams against mock adversarial forces.

During SR VII, participants validated their tactics, techniques and procedures, as well as new processes and guidance, while conducting solution-focused scenarios for command and control reporting of cyber events.

"The SR VII Exercise is a great training event that allows Mission Defense Teams to obtain hands-on cyber defense related training in a multi-classified range environment," Deborah Phelps, ACC CSS CDFC strategy and planning element chief. "This gives members the essential knowledge and skills required to protect and defend their key cyber terrain in the real world."

SR VII brought together 23 different Air Force and National Guard units into a cyberspace environment to expand MDTs' cyber defense skills for identifying, protecting, detecting, and responding to possible adversarial activities against the Air Force's mission and weapon systems.

"Command and control communications, coordination and collaboration are critical at various levels to ensure that the Air Force weapon systems remain operational for warfighters," said Phelps. "We need to ensure these weapon system platforms are protected from possible adversarial or enemy compromises. We do this by ensuring warfighters are capable and ready to protect and defend the United States' interest against bad actors home and abroad."

This exercise fit into similar coordination efforts with appropriate Headquarters Air Force offices and other commands to develop and integrate cyber mission assurance capabilities while synchronizing their employment. This is done to increase resiliency and survivability of weapon systems and infrastructure critical to executing Air Force core missions.