ACC leadership team visits Nellis Air Force Base

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  • By 57th Wing Public Affairs

The new commander and command chief of Air Combat Command toured Nellis Air Force Base, March 3-6.

They say where Nellis goes, so goes the Air Force, and I believe that''
Gen. Ken Wilsbach

Nellis Airmen showcased for Gen. Ken Wilsbach and Chief Master Sgt. David Wolfe their commitment to meeting the demands of Great Power Competition as part of an ongoing effort to address the ever-evolving challenges facing the U.S. Air Force.

“I've been coming to Nellis my whole career and it’s good to be back. It’s especially good to be back as COMACC,” said Wilsbach. “I've had a chance to see that Nellis is always busy, but what's impressive is how the team here is working problems and issues, especially in the tactical arena.”

Wilsbach and Wolfe were greeted by several demonstrations of cutting-edge aircraft and advanced training that would soon take place. The base's reputation as the Home of the Fighter Pilot was on full display with various fighter aircraft from across the Department of Defense in the air and on the ground; a testament to world class military training that occurs at Nellis.

“The team here has gone all in on meeting our current challenges – I couldn't be prouder of the team,” said Wilsbach. “In many cases training is getting better by adapting to the equipment that we already have alongside improving our tactics, techniques, and procedures to meet today's challenges. We've been doing that for years in a very aggressive way and we've been getting great results.”

Wilsbach discussed the importance of reoptimizing for Great Power Competition. To achieve a more competitive posture, the Air Force is implementing major changes centered on how we develop people, generate readiness, project power and develop integrated capabilities.

“If you look at our challenges around the planet – China, Russia, North Korea and Iran – and you think about who's on their team, that’s a pretty short list,” Wilsbach said. “Yet, who's on our team? Our list is long. We have many nations that are like-minded with us, and if we can incorporate them into our strategy, not only do those challenger nations have to deal with the United States, but they also must deal with our allies and partners. That’s strength. We should propagate strength as much as we can because it’s effective.”

As the visit concluded, Wilsbach expressed confidence in Nellis Air Force Base's ability to meet the Pacing Challenge.

"Nellis Air Force Base has consistently proven its commitment to excellence," Wilsbach said. "The dynamic training environment, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, ensures our Airmen are prepared for any challenges they may face.