104th Fighter Wing identified as “benchmark” for fighter wings during Unit Effectiveness Inspection Capstone

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Sara Kolinski
  • 104th Fighter Wing

The 104th Fighter Wing recently welcomed 63 inspectors from the Air Combat Command Inspector General’s office for the Wing’s Capstone Inspection which awarded the Wing an “effective” rating.

The Capstone is part of the Unit Effectiveness Inspection which is a four-to-five-year inspection cycle accomplished by IG. Throughout the cycle, ACC/IG completes on-site visits at the wing approximately every two years – once for a midpoint inspection, and again for the capstone.

“During this visit the ACC/IG Inspection Team will generate a UEI report,” said Lt. Col. Jeremy Dugan, 104th FW Inspector General. “The inspectors identify trends along the four Major Graded Areas – executing the mission, leading people, improving the unit, and managing resources. Ultimately, this report is sent to the commander of ACC to give him a better understanding of how effective the Wing is. There are four overall grades the Wing can get: highly effective, effective, marginally effective, or ineffective.”

Based on the draft report issued, in the four major graded areas the 104 FW was rated as effective in improving the unit and executing the mission, and highly effective in managing resources and leading the people, with an overall effective rating.

“They also look at our commanders’ inspection program, which is what our office is primarily in charge of,” said Dugan. “We were highly effective for that. So, we’ve got three highly effectives and two effectives but overall effective.”

Leading into the inspection, the Wing had a goal of being rated effective. Dugan said that highly effective ratings are very rare and only two have been awarded for Air National Guard units since 2021, none of which were ACC units.

“We thought we would have mostly effective across multiple sub levels, but I think when I counted, we had 12 different highly effective areas which was above and beyond what our unit’s expectations were,” said Dugan. “And then during the out brief, Colonel Gallemore, the ACC IG, stated something to the effect of we are above and beyond most ACC units. So, we are near the top even though we didn’t get highly effective.”

During the inspection, ACC/IG also identified numerous superior performers and superior teams across the wing, recognizing the dedication among the Barnestormers.

The report also stated , “Units throughout the wing exhibited a high level of pride with Barnestormer heritage and operation accomplishments in the workplace.”

Major Jim Ingari, 104 FW IG, stated he was very impressed with the 104 FW units throughout the UEI cycle as well as the inspection.

“I think we expected them to impress, and they went above and beyond our expectations as well, said Ingari. “I heard nothing negative as far as attitudes and the honesty and the openness and just the storytelling that we have been preparing for years. They did a phenomenal job .”

Colonel David Halasi-Kun, 104 FW commander, echoed Ingari’s sentiment, stating that he is proud of the outcome, but also is not surprised because he felt the commanders and Barnestormers were ready and prepared to show the ACC inspectors what they know.

“More than anything, I think it’s an affirmation of all the things we’ve been trying to do in the wing for the last few years, and that all stems from trust, teamwork, empowerment, and bold action,” said Halasi-Kun. “It’s from allowing the commanders to command and trusting them to focus on the things that are important, and that clearly came through during the inspection. We do it right, and we’re getting after the mission.”

Superior Performers:
- TSgt Justin Ducharme; 104th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
- SSgt Jayson Gaudette; 104th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
- MSgt Jennifer Tittle; 104th Civil Engineer Squadron
- MSgt John Tourtellotte; 104th Civil Engineer Squadron
- MSgt Shaun St. Clair; 104th Communications Flight
- MSgt Fawn Strandness; 104th Comptroller Flight
- CIV Lisa Potito; 104th Force Support Squadron
- SMSgt Heather Cekovsky; 104th Force Support Squadron
- MSgt Katrina Rose; 104th Force Support Squadron
- SSgt Alexandra Eady; 104th Force Support Squadron
- SrA Antonio Marin; 104th Force Support Squadron
- 1st Lt Heather Dragon; 104th Logistics Readiness Squadron
- 2nd Lt Stephanie Walker; 104th Maintenance Group
- SMSgt Sara Jean Jacobsen; 104th Maintenance Operations Flight
- MSgt Daniel Andreas; 104th Maintenance Operations Flight
- SMSgt Adam Casineau; 104th Maintenance Squadron
- MSgt Edward McGaughey; 104th Maintenance Squadron
- TSgt Emma Tanner; 104th Maintenance Squadron
- SrA Benjamin Garland; 104th Maintenance Squadron
- MSgt Sean Naughton; 104th Operations Group
- SMSgt Jennifer Rodriguez; 104th Operations Support Flight
- TSgt Kyle Maskell; 104th Operations Support Flight
- TSgt Hannah Graydon; 104th Security Forces Squadron
- SrA Ailaina Keely; 104th Security Forces Squadron

Superior Teams:
- Command Post; 104th Fighter Wing
- The Barnes Wellness Team; 104th Fighter Wing
- Explosive Ordnance Disposal; 104th Civil Engineer Squadron
- Wing Unit Training Manager Team; 104th Force Support Squadron
- Occupational Health Team; 104th Medical Group
- Quality Assurance Office; 104th Maintenance Group
- Propulsion Shop; 104th Maintenance Squadron
- Operations Group Stan/Eval Team; 104th Operations Group
- Intelligence Section; 104th Operations Support Flight

AFIA Surgeon General Team Coin
- Capt Kristin Avery; 104th Medical Group
- MSgt Christine Lupacchino; 104th Medical Group
- TSgt Victoria Sieracki; 104th Medical Group

ACC IG Weapons Coin
- TSgt Justin Ducharme; 104th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

ACC Inspector General Coin
- SSgt Pavel Chumak; 104th Maintenance Squadron

- Patrick W. Elmore
- Dana F. Thayer III
- Gary A. Bienvenue
- TSgt Jason G. Gillette
- Christian K. Ryder
- Nicholas A. Lanci
- Matthew V. Abelli
- David M. Paye
- Maribel Santiago
- Patrick Salois
- Nuno G. Guerra
- James J. Ladue Jr.
- SMSgt Sandra L. Krider
- Maj James C. Ingari
- 104 FW Inspector General Team