ShOC-N goes under construction

  • Published
  • By 505th Command and Control Wing Public Affairs
  • 805th Combat Training Squadron

The 805th Combat Training Squadron, better known as the Shadow Operations Center – Nellis (ShOC-N), began construction on their main facility on Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Apr. 8.

The ShOC-N is the U.S. Air Force’s lead Advanced Battle Management System laboratory and the U.S. Air Force’s lead Joint All Domain Command and Control Battle Lab. The ShOC-N is charged with experimenting with and assessing emerging concepts, applications, and technologies, as well as developing tactics, techniques, and procedures for the multi-domain operations center of the future. As part of their efforts, the unit integrates with dozens of industry partners to improve their prototypes through events, experiments, and exercises.

The 805th CTS’s mission shifted in 2019 to multi-domain experimentation, software development, and the integration of scores of fielded systems with the newest technologies. Originally designed for air operations center training, their 2003-built facility opened its doors in 2004. The mission change, in 2019, drove a modernization effort of their information technology systems, subsequently creating an issue with power and cooling, particularly in the scorching heat of Las Vegas.

The squadron currently manages power for various systems through zero-sum processes, removing power to technology not in use. With the support of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Air Combat Command, the squadron codified and funded three separate and distinct construction projects.

The three initiatives are designed to update most of the building’s original interior features in addition to enhancing power and cooling.

The first construction project adds more power, cooling, and renovates the facility’s restrooms. The second development project includes a patio, a private mothers' room, and renovations to the building's offices and auditorium. The third project upgrades the server rooms with redundant power backups and static flooring.

It is anticipated that the three projects will intersect and require more than two years to finish each of their own stages. The ShOC-N will work closely with the installation civil engineering squadron and the lead construction company to continue executing its mission to the maximum extent possible excluding a requested 120-day blackout period for the major power renovation phase. The squadron's displaced members will continue squadron operations out of the Howard Hughes site in downtown Las Vegas due to these construction-related activities.

For any questions related to the squadron’s calendar, availability, or future integration opportunities, please contact the 505th Command and Control Wing Public Affairs Office.