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  • F-35A turns to MHAFB for deployment training

    The F-35A is at the point in its life where it's taking the first lap around the track away from home. The 31st Test Evaluation Squadron from Edwards AFB, Calif., is at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, to put the aircraft, its staff and equipment, through a series of operational tests to determine just how

  • An Airman's best friend

    Military working dogs are referred to by several names at the 325th Security Forces Squadron: guardians of the night, their enemies' worst nightmare, but mainly - a man's best friend.The working dogs and their handlers work in tandem, whether home or abroad, to protect resources and infrastructure

  • A history of air shows

    With the multitude of aerial acts, displays, and other exciting performances, the Shaw Air Expo and open house, "Thunder Over the Midlands" is sure to be a lasting subject of conversation.Air shows have a long and rich history, dating back to the dawn of flight. In fact, the "Grande Semaine

  • 210th RQS brings CSAR to desert for Red Flag 16-1

    This time of year, Alaska is usually blanketed in snow and has temperatures so low that you will want to wear an extra pair of socks.Usually you will see trees that are still full of life, the occasional moose or elk walking down the road and can usually stand in one place and hear absolutely

  • Innovating fitness

    The 355th Fighter Wing commander invited U.S. Airmen to showcase their original ideas during a base Desert Lightening Team Innovation event.U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Camille Galang, 355th Fighter Wing Command Post emergency action controller, was one of the nine innovators presenting their ideas to

  • The Wrestling Airman

    Two villains jumped in the wrestling ring and started to yell at the crowd. Loud boos and insults were hurled back in response. The show was sold out, the crowd had warmed up after watching some preliminary matches, and it was time for a big tag team match.Everyone was waiting for a third villain,

  • 606th ACS integrates into Red Flag 16-1

    When pilots fly over the massive Nevada Test and Training Range for Red Flag exercises; they always have to be in contact with one another to make key decisions which can decide who the day's victor and loser will be.Units like the 606th Air Control Squadron from Spangdalem Air Base, Germany, play a

  • BMETs: Taking care of equipment that takes care of people

    When it comes to maintaining patient care, medical personnel at U.S. Air Force Hospital Langley rely on  U.S. Airmen behind the scenes to come running when equipment is in need of a troubleshoot or repair.Whether medical imaging equipment, defibrillators or surgical or clinical laboratory machinery,

  • RAPCON keeps watchful eye on Moody sky

    When skies are cloudy and visibility is low, pilots rely heavily on the air traffic controllers in the Radar Approach Control facility to help them travel safely. Constant training is vital to their mission because it makes sure they know their job inside and out.Air traffic controllers assigned to