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  • Chaplains support deployed, stateside missions

    "It is an honor to stand beside a brother or sister, wearing the same uniform, putting your life in the hands of another and walking with those who had the same commitment as you, together, in the same great struggle. To us who assemble here today, I say may we continue to carry the banner of

  • Desert Storm: Palomaria finds his purpose

    While many of the senior service members in today's Air Force served during Desert Storm, not all experienced the smoke-filled air from the burning oil fields. Some faced the despair and uncertainty of those left at home, waiting anxiously to find out if - and when - they'd join the fight.Restricted

  • These young faces

    As Col. Michael Lawrence, the 366th Maintenance Group commander, riffled through pages of bullets highlighting the group's 2015 achievements, he came across a photo of a nearly-unidentifiable airman standing atop a shadowy F-15E Strike Eagle."On the front page of this package is [Airman 1st Class]

  • Offutt deployed defenders keep airlift lifeline alive

    On a lonely, dirt runway in the "Middle of Nowhere, Afghanistan," a C-130 Hercules's engines whine while it waits to be unloaded. It carries with it life-sustaining supplies that a Forward Operating Base has been running low on for a week now. It is chock full of water, food, and ammunition; each

  • AGOW historian pens yesteryears

    On Jan. 16, 1957, three Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses of the 93rd Bombardment Wing, later designated as the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing, soared for 45 hours and 19 minutes to become the first jet aircraft to circle the world nonstop. This milestone, and others like it would be lost forever without

  • Love for anything medical

    A bed centered in an operating room waits to be filled by a patient as bustling feet covered by protective gear move hurriedly around it. A large wooden door leading to the room swings open revealing a U.S. Airman responsible for ensuring the room is ready for the forthcoming surgery.Airman 1st

  • Getting a drone? Read this first

    Ask a dozen children what superpower they'd want most, and flying would likely top the list. Humankind's fascination with flight started long before Orville and Wilbur Wright first flew in Kittyhawk, and is certainly alive and well within today's Air Force.So, it should be no surprise that the

  • All aboard for Training

    More than 40 members of Tyndall joined over 150 people from local agencies to participate in an extensive train environment exercise Dec. 17 on the Panama City Bay Line Railroad.The exercise began right after a train collided with a car full of people. Then it ballooned from there into chaos with

  • Bittersweet - The ups and downs of a military family

    Being in the military often means sacrificing many things one can take for granted. Holidays and birthdays are times people expect to spend with loved ones, but that's not always possible for service men and women.Training, temporary duties, deployments and everyday responsibilities can run into

  • Childhood adversity tests Airman's resilience

    The alarm rings. Yelling is heard from the nearby hallway. As footsteps get closer, Vickie Tippitt knows she is in a world of trouble.Her grandmother bursts through the door. With a rope in hand, Tippitt feels the wrath of child abuse come down on her by her own flesh and blood.That was the life of