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  • CSAF visits Shaw Air Force Base

    U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr., and Mrs. Sharene Brown, CSAF spouse, visited Shaw Air Force Base and associated tenant units, July 27.

  • Who you gonna call? Deployment managers!

    UDMs act as liaisons between various Air Force units and the individual tasked to deploy. Although the position can be stressful, many UDMs still enjoy the job and the help they provide to their team. One thing UDMs agree on is how important the people aspect of the job is.

  • AETC starts mapping path to 2030 force development capability

    With an eye towards winning the future fight against adversaries such as China and Russia, Air Education and Training Command officials hosted a workshop here July 19-21 designed to give a diverse set of Airmen a chance to share their perspective of how Airmen and Guardians will learn in 2030. The

  • AFREP: Keeping the fleet flying

    Along the flight line there might be an aircraft with a part that is deemed obsolete, however if that part isn’t available anywhere else in the world and it breaks who else can fix it? The responsibility then falls to the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program…