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Air Combat Command
  • IQT molds BDG Airmen

    Approximately 35 Airmen from the 820th Base Defense Group (BDG) participated in Initial Qualification Training (IQT), March 26-28, here. The training is given to all new Airman coming into the BDG as an opportunity to learn a baseline of basic combat skills that would be needed to successfully operate as a cohesive unit while in a deployed environment.
  • Things you can do in the Air Force: from stripes to bars

    Our military offers many opportunities for military members to receive world class training that prepares them for a future in the military with skills and educational benefits that also prepare them for the civilian workforce. We ensure service members have the expertise and skills they need to overcome evolving security challenges. Professional development is at the forefront of building military leaders. For those who are in pursuit of higher education, commissioning programs are one of the ways future Airmen can begin their career as a company-grade officer within the military ranks.
  • COMACC releases memo on Bringing the Future Faster

    The Commander of Air Combat Command, Gen. Mike Holmes recently released a memorandum outlining his third and final priority, it discusses ACC's desire to accelerate the pace of changes to programs and policies, and it highlights ACC's development priorities in three broad areas: multi-domain operations and awareness, agile resilient communications and battle management.
  • 20th FSS celebrates Month of the Military Child

    The 20th Force Support Squadron hosted a Month of the Military Child celebration in the Carolina Skies Club and Conference Center parking lot, March 31.
  • Defenders demonstrate combat readiness

    After 48-hours of preparation and travel, the Airmen arrive at a bare base. The climate is 40 degrees colder than they’re used to, the terrain and landscape are unfamiliar, but they hit the ground running. Within 24-hours, they arm every Airman and establish security. They assign teams that will patrol areas outside of their established limits and set up a fully operational Tactical Operations Center (TOC) that will be the brain of their base.
  • Airman soars to new heights with Air Force Honor Guard

    Airmen are called to serve in a range of ways. In one facet of service, the United States Air Force Honor Guard ensures a legacy of Airmen who protect the standards, perfect the image and preserve the heritage at the highest echelon of professionalism. On the other side of the spectrum- Battlefield Airmen are always ready to deploy while maintaining combat and specialty training standards matched only by their profound sense of discipline and loyalty.
  • 366 SFS ruck first MHAFB Defender Challenge

    The 366th Security Forces Squadron competed for best of the best during their inaugural “Defender Challenge” March 6, 2018.
  • Airmen participate in joint rescue mission

    Rescue Airmen from the 23d Wing recently participated in a joint rescue operation alongside other Air Force and U.S. Marine Corps assets, approximately 675 nautical miles off the coast of California. The 66th Rescue Squadron, a 23d Wing geographically separated unit at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., transported a 54-year-old man suffering from a life-threatening illness aboard the MSC Flavia container ship to San Jose Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California.
  • Airman becomes voice for caregivers

    Her phone vibrates and a ringtone blares as she receives a video call from her husband. Excitement quickly turned to panic as his anxious face and energy projected through the screen. She listens, baffled and worried as he explained he was lost within the familiar surroundings of the town they had lived in for two years. Her instincts instruct her to physically drive him home and ensure his safety, then reality set in she was deployed thousands of miles away.