A-Staff Inauguration

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Colville McFee
  • 9th Reconnaissance Wing

Beale Air Force Base has been a very unique place for many reasons, but as it continues it’s mission, it takes another significant step forward for the future of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing.

On Aug. 28, 2020 the 9th RW begins the Initial Operating Capability (IOC) phase of reorganization. This historic moment will give A-Staff directors a chance to operate in their new roles, while groups officially stand down.

“We are transforming how we operate in order to support mission success by being faster and more efficient,” said Col. Heather Fox, 9th RW commander. “We will streamline the chain of command, empower our Airmen, and deliver results across the Recce Town enterprise.”

A-Staff Directorates will be flexible to provide tailored support across all squadrons as needed, not just units in a group. By removing groups, Beale is clearing away stove-piped command chains and introducing an agile structure to support, but not command. Squadrons will be supported by each directorate for their every day mission.

“This design will require new ways of integration and collaboration, reinforcing our way of doing business by solving problems at the lowest level possible with early, clear communication and what we like to envision as the Recce Evolution.” Said Fox.

The goal of the evolution is to establish an agile organization that is operationally and culturally at the tip of the spear. This will be accomplished by empowering squadron commanders to make decisions by establishing an A-Staff to support and advise the squadrons and advocate for the organizations at senior levels of Air Combat Command (ACC) and the Air Force, driving decisions through meaningful, actionable metrics, creating a deliberate strategy around doing the right things, and defining a unified cultural identity across Recce Town.

“Altering course today ensures the ability of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing to remain one step ahead tomorrow. This evolution is more than just a structural reorganization, it is an opportunity to lead change across the Air Force. I have the upmost confidence in our team here at Recce Town, that we can accomplish this Re-Org,” said Fox.