Meet the man in charge of ACC’s medical care

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. River Bruce
  • Air Combat Command Public Affairs

With one year on the job, Brig. Gen. Robert Bogart, Air Combat Command surgeon general, has led the charge in ACC’s efforts in mitigating the coronavirus threat, while taking on the responsibility of the physical and mental healthcare of ACC warfighters.

“The biggest win against the virus so far is seeing the DOD [Department of Defense] align with the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and provide our service members with uniform guidance across the board,” said Bogart. 

While battling the COVID-19 virus, the Air Force also began transforming the service away from counterinsurgency operations to outpacing competition in future conflicts. This shift has brought changes to ACC such as the Combat Air Force Generation model, Lead Wings and Agile Combat Employment concepts. Bogart had to ask himself “How can we provide healthcare in the contested environment?”

He envisions that ACC’s medics will be supporting warfighters on the ground in contested environments embedded within Lead Wings, which are tailorable and deployable ACE packages of lethal assets and Airmen. Another focus is developing how they’ll provide surgical care to the wounded in contested environments. In the wars of tomorrow, he imagines that medics will be unlikely to rely on providing care from sanctuary bases that house 24/7 medical support.

“We’re training expeditionary medical support systems teams to maneuver the contested environment and evacuate those needing extensive medical care,” said Bogart.  

These expeditionary medical capabilities are already being executed in exercises like Raging Gunfighter.

When not working towards shaping the future of ACC medical capabilities, Bogart says he focuses on refining himself as a husband and father of three children.

“I love the Air Force and I’m staying in as long as they let me, and part of the reasoning behind that are the opinions of my wife and kids,” he said.” They have loved this 25-year journey. Just like me, they aren't ready to see it end.”

Moving forward and beyond his ACC responsibilities, Bogart hopes to aid in the nation’s efforts in working with allies and partners to provide better healthcare to those who need it, including those outside of uniform.