ACC revitalizes EMS Operations

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Carlin Leslie
  • Air Combat Command Public Affairs

VIDEO | 00:33 | Always On Watch - EMS Trailer (With Closer)
JOINT BASE LANGLEY-EUSTIS, Va. -- Air Combat Command continues to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum in part due to its information warfare division’s efforts to develop, hone, and integrate electromagnetic spectrum operations, prepare Airmen for challenges with a near-peer adversary and improve squadron readiness.

The IW division, or ACC/A326K, is focusing in on EMSO as one of its major lines of effort in order to emphasize the importance of gaining and maintaining the EMS superiority necessary to compete with adversaries that have advanced spectrum awareness. 

“We are getting after long-standing issues such as developing a comprehensive framework that can incorporate multi-faceted and dynamic data which is foundational for effective EMSO,” said Lt. Col. Allen Ferkovich, chief of ACC’s electromagnetic warfare and electromagnetic spectrum branch. 

The work the division does has never been more crucial. As the Air Force pivots away from decades of conflict in the Middle East and focuses on ensuring its ability to prevail in a conflict against a great power, our advanced platforms and weapons systems are more reliant upon, and vulnerable to, operations and threats in the EMS. 

The division played a critical role in activating the 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, in June 2021. They continue efforts to activate a new Spectrum Warfare Group at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, create new training and research events for the IW disciplines and develop electromagnetic battle management. 

“Right now, we are putting pen to paper and getting warfighter input on what EMBM needs to looks like,” said Ferkovich. “We are really getting after a complicated problem set, with the right innovative Airmen to solve the current gaps the warfighters are seeing.”

The 350th SWW is the first wing of its kind and is responsible for delivering adaptive and cutting-edge electromagnetic spectrum capabilities to protect and enable our warfighters’ freedom to attack, maneuver and defend. 

Effectively training to these types of mission sets continues to be a challenge. However, the division is actively developing IW training and research events to ensure Airmen are prepared for the future of strategic power competition.

“Our goal with IW training events is to test software-defined capabilities, not to be confused with a platform-centric capability,” said Ferkovich. “Effectively training to EMSO and using systems like EMBM enables our Airmen to harness the power of the spectrum today to win the fights of the future.”

ACC’s Information Warfare division will continue to advance IW through their lines of effort, highlighting the work of their Airmen to successfully revitalize EMSO and build foundations to integrate IW throughout every Air Force core mission.