20th SFS innovates with effects-based posting

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Thomas Earp-Pitkins
  • 20th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

The 20th Security Forces Squadron (SFS) is currently trialing effects-based posting, an innovative new system of posting SFS defenders here to maximize efficiency while maintaining effective security protocols.

The new model was implemented in Nov. 2022 in an effort to creatively use time and manpower to benefit Shaw’s SFS defenders as well as the mission. Months later, effects-based posting has already demonstrated its value.

“This is an innovative way to [post] defenders that’s much more efficient, much more effective, and gives defenders time back to them during their duty day,” said 1st Lt. Joshua Holloman, 20th SFS weapons and tactics officer and effects-based posting visionary.

As opposed to the traditional compliance-based method of posting, the goal of effects-based posting is to allocate more time for SFS defenders to train and have more personal time, all while maintaining an equal or greater level of base security. It allows the 20th SFS to tailor its posting needs to meet the commander’s intent while supporting the wing mission and needs of the squadron. 

The idea of effects-based posting originated within the 2nd SFS at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, where Holloman heard of the idea and worked with Tech. Sgt. Gary Magnelli, former 20th SFS weapons and tactics chief, to see how the system could be implemented at Shaw.

Magnelli, who since began a new assignment with the 91st Missile Security Operations Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, lauded his team and leadership for their support and roles in quickly bringing effects-based posting to fruition.

“The buy-in that we’ve had from our level, the squadron command level, all the way up to the wing has just been phenomenal,” said Magnelli. “It took us six months of work and a little less than a month to get everything routed up. That was just phenomenal- I’ve never seen such buy-in before.”

Under the old “cookie cutter” approach to posting, 20th SFS defenders would work 12-hour shifts with no breaks. Effects-based posting allows defenders to have a 2-hour block of time during their shift to de-arm and use that time to eat, exercise, or simply relax and decompress. 

Additionally, under the new scheduling system, SFS defenders are seeing a 700 percent increase in training time. This upgrade in training elevates the skill set of defenders to a higher level never before seen at Shaw.

“Effects-based posting has become a cornerstone of daily security operations,” said Capt. Tyler Krpan, 20th SFS operations officer. “It’s completely changed how we respond to and maintain airtight security on the installation. We are already seeing the benefits through the increased proficiency and resiliency of our defenders, who now have more effective training time as well as time every day to physically train and eat.”

It did not take long for effects-based posting to face its first major test; on Dec. 23, 2022, 20th SFS defenders encountered a “gate runner,” or an individual attempting to illegally access a military installation. While following the posting schedule under the effects-based system, 20th SFS defenders immediately responded to and controlled the situation, ensuring security of the base and Shaw personnel.

Among those providing backup during the incident were on-call defenders at the base fitness center, who arrived at the scene within five minutes of being notified. This rapid response by the SFS provided a crucial example of the competency of effects-based posting.

“Security of Air Force assets is truly everyone’s responsibility, and early notifications are key to a rapid SF response,” said Maj. Jared Goss, 20th SFS commander. “While effects-based posting is different from what has been historically done across the Air Force, the specifically tailored response we have crafted, along with a vigilant base populous, has already proven to make Shaw more secure than it ever was.”

Shaw leadership took notice of effects-based posting’s success and the hard work of SFS leadership in rolling out the new system, as Holloman’s role in innovating the 20th SFS contributed to his recognition as Shaw’s 2022 Company Grade Officer of the Year. Additionally, the 20th Fighter Wing commander, Col. Kristoffer Smith, has signed a policy allowing effects-based posting to become a permanent construct past its trial phase.