ACC Command Team visits the Installation of the Future

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Betty Chevalier and 2nd Lt. Lyca Steelman
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

U.S. Air Force Gen. Ken Wilsbach, commander of Air Combat Command, Chief Master Sgt. David Wolfe, ACC command chief, and their spouses, visited Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, May 21-22, 2024, to gain direct insight into the 325th Fighter Wing’s mission transition and installation rebuild. This was Wilsbach’s first visit to Tyndall since assuming command in February of this year.

In 2018, Tyndall Air Force Base sustained a direct hit from Hurricane Michael. Overall, 484 buildings were damaged.

During the visit, Wilsbach and Wolfe saw firsthand the strides the 325th Fighter Wing is making in becoming the Air Force’s newest F-35A Lighting II operational fighter wing, tasked to maintain readiness in support of national defense. In addition, they witnessed the progress of Team Tyndall’s rebuild into the “Installation of the Future.”

“It’s clear to me that Tyndall is going to be the most modern air base in the world and what’s really encouraging to me, is in the midst of the largest MILCON program in DoD, we are still doing things like Checkered Flag,” said Wilsbach. “It’s inspiring because Checkered Flag is frankly just another way that we can expand the Agile Combat Employment envelope.”

The ACC command team observed Tyndall’s strategic positioning along the Gulf Range Complex, which is one of a few ranges in the U.S. capable of supporting major combat training and weapon testing, such as Checkered Flag or Weapons System Evaluation Program.

“I think it is a tremendous base to get ready to go do what our nation may ask us to do,” said Wilsbach. “The base, what the community will allow us to do here from the base, the range space that is around, it’s all a national treasure.”

Wilsbach and Wolfe took the opportunity to engage with Airmen to express appreciation for their hard work and dedication. They were impressed with the resilience of Airmen and their ability to adapt to the ever-changing environment at Tyndall while pursuing the mission. They urged patience as well as trust that leadership is working as hard as possible to get construction completed.

“The amount of progress that has been made over the last few weeks since I was last here is noticeable, that tells me that the folks that are in charge of all of these improvement operations and construction projects, are really doing a great job of making sure that things stay on track,” Wolfe said. “It’s really exciting to see what a future base can actually look like with Tyndall as the example for all of them.”

Cindy Wilsbach, spouse of Gen. Wilsbach, and Dr. Doniel Wolfe, spouse of CMSgt Wolfe, also visited the newly constructed Child Development Center and interacted with Tyndall spouses to discuss topics affecting Team Tyndall families.

“Seeing all of the foundations and framework pop up all over the base is nothing short of impressive and I can’t wait to see it when it’s completed,” said Cindy.

Dr. Wolfe reflected on Child Development Centers and the importance of Youth programs and how it helps military children.

“I remember when my father was deployed that being enrolled in the CDC Youth Programs was the best thing for me,” said Dr. Wolfe. “They really saved my life when it came to helping me as a military child missing a parent for deployment.”

As the command team departed, Wolfe reminded the Airmen that their impact reaches farther than Tyndall Air Force Base.

“To all the Airmen that are stationed at Tyndall, don’t forget why you’re here, whether you’re working at the DFAC or you’re opening or closing gates in the security forces squadron, you’re here to make big strides in combat capability and what is more important than that?” Wolfe said. “We’re here to be the best Air Force in the world and the folks at Tyndall are doing their part.”

As Tyndall continues to expand its F-35A Lightning II mission set and reach rebuild milestones, this visit not only shined light on the various units within Team Tyndall, but reaffirmed how Tyndall is committed to cultivating a culture of innovation and resourceful Airmen to deliver ready forces through the Air Force Force Generation Model for combat operations.