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  • Civilian employment mentoring leads to understanding

    Something exceptional happened when two retired first sergeants -- one a team leader from the Airman & Family Readiness Center here, and the other a local human resources professional with Mutual of Omaha – joined forces to assist personnel leaving active duty.  The result is the Excel with a Mentor

  • Sending your vote home: how it works, why it matters

    As voting season draws near and all of the commercials on TV seem to be nothing but presidential hopefuls pandering to their audiences, there seems to be a lot of questions rising to the forefront of service members' minds: What is absentee voting? How does it work? Why should I bother? Let's tackle

  • The Courage to Continue

    Every Airman has a story, what is your story? Some stories are so compelling and powerful they can change your life. Maybe your story and life experiences can change someone else's life. On Jan. 21, 2016, Nellis Air Force Base is sponsoring a Storytellers event where you can hear real Airmen telling

  • Remembering our troops this holiday season

    (Editor's note: The mention of the nonprofit organizations, Operation We Are Here, American Legion and American Red Cross, does not constitute endorsement or affiliation by Moody Air Force Base or the U.S. Air Force.)Every service member knows they can be deployed at any time, even during the

  • Air Force everything

    On an average day, I eat, sleep and breathe Air Force.  My family is Air Force, my friends are Air Force, my coworkers are Air Force, my spouse is Air Force, I am Air Force. I bet there are a few skeptics out there who would say it's unhealthy. But to me it is everything and has been everything for

  • Stories behind the names

    Commentary by Staff Sgt. Siuta B. Ika99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs12/9/2015 - NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. -- One night I was driving to my residence in base housing when my kids started asking questions.If you have kids or have been around kids for more than two minutes, you know they ask a lot

  • A Puzzle Called "Me"

    It was early October when I entered the waiting room, and I wasn't in the best of moods. The past two months had been the worst of my life; I made some very poor decisions and my personal, financial and professional stress was unmanageable. I put myself between a rock and an even bigger rock; a

  • Holiday survival: weathering the financial blizzard

    It's that time of year again. As the holiday season approaches, we will be bombarded with alluring advertisements, extensive winter holiday shopping lists from family members and store holiday sales enticing us to spend big.Are you prepared to spend money during the holiday season? Are you nervous

  • Leading the way: A spark to start a fire

    As a leader, do not let your ego get in the way.  Stand tall, but not above everyone else.  Do not tell people what to do, show them.  Showing them is what leading is all about.  When you show them, you are creating that spark. Much like a fire, it all starts with a small spark.  It started the

  • Inspiring is leading

    Through every speech and in every article written on leadership most likely somewhere you will see or hear that to lead people you have to inspire them.  There are many ways to inspire people, just like everyone's take on leadership provides a different perspective. Airmen have a natural desire to