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  • The bad news: It's hurt you already

    When meth first hit the streets several years ago I had the opportunity to see its effects first hand.  It was horrifying.  We put the user in a dimmed trauma bay where he knelt on the gurney and moaned a crazy moan while writhing around for hours - he was unkempt and frightening. What you may not

  • Enhancing combat readiness in 30 days part two

    *Editor's note* This is part two of a five part series on an Airman's journey to sustaining combat readiness.Two weeks down, two more to go.So far, this Daniel Fast hasn't been too difficult. I do miss the foods I'm not allowed to have. You never know how much you enjoy something until you're not

  • Becoming stronger through failure

    Failing the Air Force physical training test: my greatest fear since joining the military.It is embarrassing to admit recently that fear came to fruition, but what I have learned through that failure has become one of my greatest strengths.After failing, I definitely felt like a weak person for not

  • Emergency Air Force aid - blessing in disguise

    During the month of February, plans to have a little fun on a warm Sunday afternoon came to a screeching halt when the front left wheel of my husband's truck started to come loose.Had we continued driving that day, our trip may have ended in disaster. By the time we got it to the repair shop three

  • Everyone has a story to tell

    We tend to believe that just because we haven't won a Nobel Prize, or survived a horrific event, that our stories are not worth telling.  This notion is false; your story is worth telling.We often get caught up on other peoples' stories, whether it is that of a famous actress or a war hero.  Their

  • Know what love is, what it's not

    "If you don't leave him he's not going to stop until you're dead," my mother said. With sadness in her voice my aunt replied: "I know."I remember sitting in the backseat of the car as my mother and aunt whispered to each other. While my aunt cried, I looked at her and the fresh bruises that covered

  • TED Talks

    Resiliency is the ability to recovery from adversity. It is also a goal of the Comprehensive Airman Fitness Program, which arms you with the skills needed to contribute to your own well-being and good health. There are four pillars to CAF - mental, physical, social, and spiritual. These pillars do

  • The contract that started it all

    (Editor's Note: The 7th Contracting Squadron has a copy of the Army Signal Corps "contract that started it all" hanging in their hallway, and invite anyone interested in seeing this piece of history to stop by and view it.)Many of us who have been through history class will remember the story of the

  • How will you earn your wings this holiday season?

    How will you earn your wings this holiday season?Like many of you, one of the things I enjoy doing every year during this season is watching the classic holiday movie "It's a Wonderful Life." Many of us probably know the film by heart at this point in our lives. But for those who have not seen it,

  • Motorcylce Saftey: It's Everyone's Responsibility

    My fellow Airmen,As some of you may know, Air Combat Command Safety recently conducted an in-depth analysis of five years of fatal motorcycle mishaps across the Air Force.  During this timeframe, 79 Airmen lost their lives while operating motorcycles.One thing to note is 63% of the accidents