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  • Air Force, 68 years later--Recognize past achievements; vector for future success

    With the establishment of the Air Force as a separate service, American leaders recognized the need for and value of a service focused on the invaluable effects that airpower brings to the fight.While we make up the youngest of the American military services, the Air Force was born from, and continues to be, a beacon of innovation and change--the
  • 9/11: Reliving the moment, never forget

    The hustle and bustle of the nation's busiest city was completely silent and motionless the day the infamous World Trade Center buildings were attacked.Thousands of families lost their loved ones as each building crumbled to the ground destroying anyone and anything in its way.For what I thought would be another long, boring day of school, became a
  • JBLE Legal Corner: Avoiding 'bird-dogging'

    Scams aimed at taking advantage of U.S. military members are nothing new; however, one such scam, "bird-dogging," has re-emerged as a threat to Service members' financial security.Bird-dogging refers to the act of soliciting sales for a third party and is illegal both on and off base. One example occurs when a person serves as an unlicensed car
  • Always smiling

    I sometimes have to struggle to bring it out, but I do whatever I can to start the day on a positive note. Don't get me wrong. I'm still human. Just like every other person in the world, I have days where I wake up feeling so-so. I even have days that I wake up feeling less than "so-so."But early in life I learned things could always be worse.
  • Separated but not alone

    As the dawn broke out over the mountains, I woke up to the sun peeping through my window. Once I got up I went straight to the kitchen to make my family breakfast yet in the back of my mind, all I could think about is how am I going to manage taking care of my children, dogs and work life. Just the thought of knowing I'll have twice the amount of
  • AF Study: Why Airmen remain in the Service

    U.S. Air Force senior leaders are witnessing elevated retention rates due to military members remaining in the service beyond their initial service commitment.  The increase in retention rates produces challenges to enact the congressionally-mandated force reductions, which creates budget dilemmas. By understanding the military members' motives,
  • Unearthing Idaho - C.J. Strike Reservoir

    Early morning light shimmers off the water as each cast breaks the calm of the lake. Fish jump in the distance and children splash in the warm water. It's summer in Idaho and what better way to spend it than on the water at C.J. Strike Reservoir. This was our first stop in our trip across Idaho to find the best spots anyone can enjoy this summer.At
  • Run to the Sound of the Guns...Be a Servant Leader

    Many of us have seen the best and worst in leadership throughout the course of our careers as Airmen. Usually we can think of two names, one good and one bad, that personify each bound of the leadership spectrum. This reality leads to the fact that even though we are called to be leaders in military service, not all of us have shown that
  • Dear Dad: A letter to my father

    I sat in the very back of the classroom, not paying much attention to the man in blue giving a presentation to my eighth grade civics class. He was saying something about core values, pride and doing something for the community you could be proud of.He told stories of how the students in his program grew and gained the confidence to lead. He spoke
  • Holloman's war against DUI

    Holloman is taking a new approach in the war against driving under the influence. As Airmen exit the base, the median has been lined with signs spotlighting the names, rank and punishment that Holloman Airmen have received as a result of being convicted of a DUI both on and off base.DUI is not unique to the Air Force or military service, and many