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  • The voice within

    "Can your significant other sexually assault you?"The answer was a resounding silence. No one knew how to answer the "Sex Signals" speaker.I knew. I knew the answer. Rather, the sudden urge to vomit and then excuse myself from the auditorium gave me my answer."Yes. Oh, my God. Yes," said a small

  • My promise

    He knows there is something bothering me and I won't tell him what it is so he can help. I see the disappointment and completely shut-down. I feel absolutely terrible that I cannot communicate with him for reasons I still am not sure. I trust him, I love him and I want him to help, but I can't find

  • Life is moving, move with it

    "You can't be neutral on a moving train" is a famous quote, and the title of a memoir and documentary about the life of author, historian and activist Howard Zinn. What this means is that things are happening all around us, and everything in life is moving in a certain direction. In the Air Force,

  • Motorcycle Safety: Watch out

    They are sentences that have been repeated by thousands, "I lost someone in a motorcycle accident" or even "I was hurt in a motorcycle accident".In 2012 alone, 4,957 motorcyclists were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in the U.S. with an additional 93,000 injured.Death is the ultimate price

  • Paying the price for freedom

    Everyone comes from different walks of life. However, the people we meet, the opportunities we're given and the decisions we make are all determining factors that help shape our paths along the way.For some, life is an often exhausting uphill climb from the start to finish. Even though they may

  • Independence Day Fireworks Safety

    Independence Day provides Americans an opportunity to celebrate a very important part of our country's rich history. Celebrating this holiday with fireworks is a common tradition; however, not incorporating safety may turn the festivities into an agonizing memory when Airmen or their families are

  • Drunk driving: What does it take?

    What will it take? What sort of cost? A monetary or personal property loss? Personal harm to yourself or someone you love? Will it take a loss of life?We've heard it over and over again, "have a plan" before drinking alcohol. The messages are given repeatedly at commander's calls, mandatory training

  • Rider, then Coach, always the Safety Advocate

    The critical days of summer are here. The warmer temperatures brings the strange phenomenon of motorized two-wheeled vehicles. When it's warm these "motor-cycles" if-you-will seem to be all over the place. I ponder on how to define a safe rider. I strive to be a rider who rides within my limits both

  • We Remember

    Commemorating sacrifices incomprehensible to many, red-blooded Americans in all corners of the world make their way to local cemeteries, memorials and hollowed grounds the final Monday of each May. Though U.S. history is short when compared to that of our European and Asian allies, American

  • Know it when it counts

    For the three years I've been in the Air Force, I've experienced more training then anyone would like. I've always questioned why the Air Force insists we be branded with the same information during training over and over.Personally, I thought Self-Aid Buddy Care was one of the least useful to me. I