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  • We meet again

    Airmen from the 317th Airlift Group were recently reunited with another unit who shares little known history forged in combat over 70 years ago. While deployed to Ramstein Air Base, Germany, members of the 317th AG flew elements of the 503rd Infantry Regiment from their base in Italy to Eastern

  • Sexual Assault awareness doesn't end in April

    As you know, April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We held a number of events, including a SAPR Stand-Down Day on the 25th. While the month is over, our focus on this issue is not. It's unfortunate we have to place so much attention on such a despicable crime, but sadly sexual assault is a real

  • A chance for me to say thank you

    I'll be honest; it didn't dawn on me until yesterday. I can understand if you forgot, or didn't notice. It's easy, after all, with last-minute taskers, performance reports to write, doing the daily tasks asked of us - a lot of times I think these recognition months become white noise. You hear it,

  • Providing eyes for another

    The rope cinched tightly around my waist. Patricia Walsh, a paratriathlete, clung to my elbow entrusting me, not only with her life, but also the end result of the race.I was terrified.Knowing that I was about to race a mile in the murky, rough Hudson River to start the rigorous triathlon was hard

  • Colon Cancer screening saves lives through early detection

    Colorectal Cancer, or Colon Cancer, occurs in the colon or rectum. The colon is the large intestine or large bowel and the rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus.Colon Cancer, when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, surgical

  • Five reasons it's awesome to be a woman in the Air Force

    As a woman myself, I may be biased, but there are numerous reasons why it's awesome to be a woman, definitely one that serves her country. In honor of National Women's History Month, here are five reasons why it is awesome to be a woman in the Air Force.1. Women haven't always been able to

  • Understanding a dream

    The helicopter touched down, the blades sliced through the air and the wind raged all around me as I climbed on board. Rapidly buckling myself into the gunner's belt and I looked down from the opened door and watched in disbelief as we rose further away from the ground. With the violent wind still

  • The last bite

    Shake, take, salute and pose for a photo--Tyndall's 2014 March Enlisted Promotion Ceremony was carrying on as usual. I raised my camera, waited for the grip and grin moment and then took the photo of family members tacking on the member's stripes. As I raised my camera, getting ready for the next

  • Successful PCS secrets

    Permanent change of station season is almost upon us, and with it being a busy time in a military family's life, it is good to start preparing ahead of time.The secrets to a successful PCS are preparing early and personally taking control of your household goods movement. The best place to start is

  • Thoughts on nation building

    I've often joked that I went to Iraq to fly something more modern than a 50 year old airplane; that aircraft being the mighty combat Cessna used for Iraqi pilot training. The reality, however, was that I was blessed to partner with a nation for a year to help re-ignite their smoldering Air Force