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  • Weapons School program back up, running

    USAF Weapons School Class 13B was cancelled as a result of sequestration and marked a significant event in the history of the weapons school. The school was at a cross-road. The fiscal realities of the future meant difficult choices about the future of the school had to be made. Initial proposals from higher headquarter staff included one class per
  • A handshake to remember

    The stress finally started to permeate upon the realization that tomorrow I would come eye to eye with one of the most recognized faces in the world.I was excited since I first received news Jan. 12 that I would get to see Air Force One land at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and possibly have a chance to shake President Barack Obama's hand
  • The frozen apple drops

    I traveled to N.Y. on leave to spend the holidays with my family. Within hours of arriving, an ice storm shut down my entire county and others surrounding it.Frozen in, I had time to reflect on the last year and the journey, which transformed me from a civilian into an Airman.As I thought about the geographic and cultural changes the year brought,
  • Stepping Forward

    Recently I came across an interesting quote from Admiral Togo Heihachiro, Commander of the Japanese Fleet during the Battle of Tsushima in 1905: "If your sword is too short, take one step forward." Given the environment of reduced budgets, fiscal challenges and potential manpower shortages facing the Air Force, this quote struck me as relevant to
  • Be smart: Alcohol and the holidays

    Did you know you could take a limo and drink champagne all the way to the fanciest hotel in town, stagger into the best suite and still not spend as much as you would for a DUI?DUIs are a common topic among Airmen today. Many man-hours are spent attending safety briefings, mandatory educational seminars and computer based training courses.A DUI
  • The hard, right thing

    Several years ago, a U.S. Air Force Chief Master Sergeant gave a speech titled "Doing the Hard, Right Thing." His speech covered a World War II hospital burn unit filled with Airmen severely burned in combat. Many spouses of these warriors couldn't face the horrific wounds their husbands endured. Many visited only a few times, and then deserted
  • I'm not alone

    Toughen up, develop a thick skin, don't let people see that you're hurting; I've heard these phrases my entire life, from parents, coaches, family members, friends, and supervisors. The result, I hurt; but I don't show it.I know that I'm not alone either, now I'm going to show my hurt.I am incredibly proud to wear this uniform. Taking my oath of
  • Miami Dolphins scandal has lessons for Service members

    Last week, Jonathan Martin, an offensive lineman on the Miami Dolphins football team, walked out and quit the team due to a perceived hostile work environment, allegedly characterized by demeaning, racially-biased communications and financial extortion by at least one team captain, and other senior members of the team. Though a lot of details are
  • Counting blessings as Thanksgiving draws near

    It's no secret that in life some days are just plain better than others.Yesterday was quite simply one of those better days. Laughs, jokes, work, fun, shared experiences and food. It reminded me that when we sit together, break bread, sip a coffee or tea, or raise a glass we are building something way beyond the moment. We are building
  • Standards don't change - on duty or off

    Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do are core values that U.S. Air Force Airmen live by. Although these are important values for the Air Force, every base has their own principles that are essential to accomplishing the mission.Brig. Gen. Glen VanHerck, 7th Bomb Wing commander, has many priorities for Team Dyess, but