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Moody AFB
  • 723d AMXS, Army depot rebuild Pave Hawk

    Airmen from the 723d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron along with machinists from the Corpus Christi Army Depot conducted a full-structural tear down and restoration on an HH-60G Pave Hawk. Once the aircraft was torn down, Airmen and the machinists performed repairs on all of its components prior to resembling it.
  • Kids gear up to deploy

    The event allowed children the opportunity to experience what their parents go through while preparing to deploy. Children participated in obstacle courses, watched demonstrations and toured various aircraft and vehicles used by Airmen at Moody.
  • IQT molds BDG Airmen

    Approximately 35 Airmen from the 820th Base Defense Group (BDG) participated in Initial Qualification Training (IQT), March 26-28, here. The training is given to all new Airman coming into the BDG as an opportunity to learn a baseline of basic combat skills that would be needed to successfully operate as a cohesive unit while in a deployed environment.
  • AGOW celebrates 10 years, looks to future

    Since 2008, the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing has been on the front lines of the global war against terrorism providing ground combat forces specially trained to integrate air and space power into the joint scheme maneuver. As the AGOW Spartans celebrate their 10th anniversary, they usher in changes within their organization that will not only focus on being trained and ready today, but simultaneously prepare them for the evolving threats of the future.
  • Defenders demonstrate combat readiness

    After 48-hours of preparation and travel, the Airmen arrive at a bare base. The climate is 40 degrees colder than they’re used to, the terrain and landscape are unfamiliar, but they hit the ground running. Within 24-hours, they arm every Airman and establish security. They assign teams that will patrol areas outside of their established limits and set up a fully operational Tactical Operations Center (TOC) that will be the brain of their base.
  • Airmen prep HH-60G for training

    Airmen from the 41st Rescue Squadron and 723d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron conducted pre-flight checks to ensure that an HH-60G Pave Hawk was fully prepared for a simulated combat search and rescue mission, March 15, 2018, at Moody Air Force Base, Ga.
  • Moody Air Force Base Airmen killed in Iraq

    The Department of Defense announced today the death of an airman from the 23d Wing at Moody Air Force Base, who was supporting Operation Inherent Resolve.
  • Leadership Moody Builds Leaders

    “The leadership experience I received was second to none. There is no other Air Force program available that provides this type of leadership experience.” Master Sgt. Joseph Lujan Jr., 23d Operations Support Squadron intelligence superintendent, was one of 20 senior noncommissioned officers, field grade officers, and civilian equivalents to complete and graduate from Leadership Moody last year. This year, he serves as the program’s cadre. This year’s Leadership Moody class took to the town, March 9, 2018, in Valdosta, Ga., to hear from several civic leaders about leadership, techniques, best practices and lessons learned.
  • Vet Clinic provides care for MWDs, family pets

    When a Military Working Dog (MWD) or a service members pet has a health issue where do you take it? One option would be Moody’s veterinary treatment facility (VTF), whose mission is dedicated to caring for the 24 K-9s assigned to 23d Security Forces Squadron as well as pets owned by base members.
  • Airman becomes voice for caregivers

    Her phone vibrates and a ringtone blares as she receives a video call from her husband. Excitement quickly turned to panic as his anxious face and energy projected through the screen. She listens, baffled and worried as he explained he was lost within the familiar surroundings of the town they had lived in for two years. Her instincts instruct her to physically drive him home and ensure his safety, then reality set in she was deployed thousands of miles away.