Flyovers and Static Displays are governed by DAFI11-209, ACC Sup, Aerial Event Policy and Procedures, and require both an Event and Participation Approval.  




1. Event approval:




a. Public Events are approved by the Secretary of the Air Force, Public Affairs (SAF/PA) office.  Refer to the SAF/PAAerial Events website for information on:
b. Military Events are approved in accordance with DAFI 11-209, ACC Sup.

2. Participation approval.

a. The ACC Aerial Events Branch (ACC/A3TA) is the participation approval authority for both Public and Military events.

b. Once an unit has volunteered to support your event, that unit must contact their MAJCOM to gain ACC/A3TA participation approval. ACC units contact ACC Aerial Event Office.

For information on Aerial Control Teams, Contact ACC Aerial Events DSN 575-8346 or Commercial 757-764-8346

For information on scheduling Aerial Demonstrations, please click here.