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  • AFREP: Keeping the fleet flying

    Along the flight line there might be an aircraft with a part that is deemed obsolete, however if that part isn’t available anywhere else in the world and it breaks who else can fix it? The responsibility then falls to the Air Force Repair Enhancement Program…

  • Airpower starts with Airmen

    Leadership from the 355th Maintenance Group recently came up with a course designed to help A-10C Thunderbolt II maintainers at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, Oct. 16-21, 2021.

  • Air Force ICTs make a comeback

    While A-10 Thunderbolt IIs fly high above the desert mountains, U.S. Air Force maintainers and crew chiefs from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base await the airframe’s arrival on the flight line below, anticipating the workload to come. After their touch down, the A-10s taxi to their respective sun shades