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Can I get a ride in one of your aircraft?

Civilians are not authorized to ride in ACC aircraft. If you have any further questions, please contact ACC Public Affairs (757) 764-5994 or e-mail


How do I get a flyover for an event?

The scheduling process begins by the event sponsor submitting a DD Form 2535 to the Secretary of the Air Force for Public Affairs (SAF/PA) to obtain aerial event support approval.


How many and what kinds of aircraft does your command have?

Please visit our Fact Sheets section of the Web site.
 Aircraft Incidents

How can I get a copy of an AIB, Accident Investigation Board, report? 

Please contact the ACC Media Division at (757) 764-5007 or email

Are all studies A&AS?

All studies that provide advice and assistance except those that are funded by or considered basic research. Also, studies supporting routine ADP, and architectural and engineering design are not considered A&AS.


Are there any fees for using ACC CAAS II?

There are no administrative fees associated with using the ACC CAAS II contract.


Can you contract with a contractor of choice under the ACC CAAS II contract?

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) part 16.505(b) (external link) dictates that all multiple award contractors will be provided a fair opportunity to be considered for each order over $2500. There are a few exceptions to this requirement:

a. Logical Follow-on: In the interest of economy or efficiency, a follow-on contract may be issued to the incumbent contractor on a follow-on basis if the original requirement was competed.

b. A task order may be issued on a sole source basis if it meets one of the exceptions to competition.

1. Only one responsible source or no other services will satisfy agency requirements.
2. Unusual and Compelling Urgency

The requiring activity is responsible for completing the Justification and Approval (J&A) document. Depending on the Government estimate, the J&A must be approved at a level or levels above the contracting officer.


How do I develop my Government Cost Estimate?

The ACC Program Management Squadron can assist you in developing your Government estimate. They have estimated rates for all labor categories that will be used to meet your requirement.


How do these rules relate in our day-to-day interface with our manpower support contractors?

The distinctions among inherently governmental functions, personal services and nonpersonal services can easily be blurred in our day-to-day interactions. This blurring generally falls into the following categories: training, awards, Government non-workdays, team involvement, and Government Office events.

a. TRAINING. Most of our Government training falls into the areas of mandatory, career development and specialty training. Is it okay to include the support contractors in our Government training? When we hire a contractor to perform nonpersonal services for us, it is the contractor's responsibility to ensure their personnel are trained to do the job. However, there may be times when it is appropriate to provide a support contractor Government training. This training will predominantly fall into the category of specialty training. For example, if a team is being trained on a particular skill, and that training is only available from the Government and it is critical to the performance of their current contract, Government furnished training may be authorized by the Contracting Officer.

KEY POINT: Ask yourself: Is this specialty training necessary to perform the contracted task? Is the training available any other practical way from a commercial source?

b. AWARDS: Is it okay to recognize the hard work of the support contractors? Sure it is. The issue is how we do it. If we include contractor personnel in our Government award programs, we are assuming an employer/employee relationship. However, under some circumstances, letters of appreciation to the contractor regarding outstanding support of their employees is fine provided the letter is sent to an appropriate management level within the company. This provides the contractor information for them to make their own internal decisions about appropriate rewards for their employees. However, Government employees involved in the oversight and/or management of the contract (contracting officers, buyers, program managers, functional directors, functional area evaluators, etc.) should normally use more formal contract based feedback mechanisms, like the program reviews and the Contract Performance Assessment Report.

KEY POINT: We contracted with a company, not an individual. Therefore, we reward the contractor, not the contractor's employee.

c. GOVERNMENT NON-WORKDAYS: Unless there is specific language in the contract, the Government rules established for Government employee holidays, working hours, and shutdowns do not apply to our support contractors. If there is a weather delay, it is the contractor's responsibility to provide guidance to their employees. Employee salaries usually represent a significant cost to the support contractor; therefore, it must be contractor management responsibility to determine holiday and time off compensation.

KEYPOINT: If this question is presented by a contractor employee, refer them to their supervisor. If the question is presented by a contractor (the company versus the company's employee), refer them to the Contracting Officer.


How long a Period Of Performance (POP) can I have on my A&AS task order?

The ACC CAAS II contract expires 30 Nov 06. A task order can extend, with the use of options, to the end of the contract. As a guideline in evaluating your POP choice, please keep in mind the level of certainty regarding your requirement. If you can not realistically predict your requirement beyond one year, you should not have a POP longer than one year. Similarly, if your funding is uncertain, perhaps you should not contract beyond the certainty of funds. Finally, the Determination/Decision Document (DDD) must cover the total POP. Our ultimate goal here is to work smarter and gain efficiencies through acquisition streamlining; just as limiting POP may not have been smart in the past, arbitrarily expanding your POP simply to reduce your overall workload may not be the smart thing to do either. When making these decisions, consider the big picture.


How long does it take to get a task order awarded?

From the time contracting has a complete package (Form 9, SOW, QASP, and QAE nomination letter) it normally takes 3 weeks to award a task order. For urgent requirements, it can be done in 2 weeks.

3-Week Process:
-- Day 1: Receive Package (Form 9, QASP, SOW, and QAE Nomination Letter
-- Day 1: Release RFP -- give contractor 2 weeks to complete proposal
-- Day 11: Receive Proposal and send out to QAE/FD for Evaluation
-- Day 13: Receive evaluation
-- Day 15: Award Task Order

2-Week Process:
-- Day 1: Receive Package (Form 9, QASP, SOW, and QAE Nomination Letter
-- Day 1: Release RFP -- give contractor 1 week to complete proposal
--Day 6: Receive Proposal and send out to QAE/FD for Evaluation
-- Day 8: Receive Evaluation
-- Day 10: Award Task Order


What are Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS)?

A&AS are identified in and regulated by FAR Part 37, “Service Contracting.” A&AS are available in three different categories: Management and Professional services; Studies, Analyses and Evaluations; and Engineering and Technical services.


What are Nonpersonal services contracts versus a Personal services contracts?

Nonpersonal services contracts are contracts under which the personnel rendering the services are not subject, either by the contract's terms or by the manner of its administration, to the supervision and control usually prevailing in relationships between the Government and its employee. (FAR 37.101) Personal services contracts are contracts that, by their express terms or as administered, makes the contractor personnel appear, in effect, Government employees. (FAR 37.101)


What are the advantages of using ACC CAAS II instead of GSA?

The biggest advantage of using ACC CAAS II versus GSA is the absence of administrative fees. GSA can charge from 2.5 to 5 percent in administrative fees. In addition the ACC CAAS Program Office will assist you in preparing your requirement package. Finally, HQ policy mandates the coordination of all A&AS requirements with the ACC Program Office. (reference CV memo dated xxxxx; subject)


What are the guidelines for funding task orders?

Task orders should be funded to cover the current year period of performance. We can, however, incrementally fund task orders. When incrementally funding task orders, the task order must be funded to cover current work. The Government cannot require the contractor to work without funding.


What if ACC CAAS II cannot serve your needs?

If ACC CAAS II cannot meet your requirements, instead of going to GSA directly, by going through ACC CONS, you can secure a 1% administrative fee.


What is an inherently governmental function?

An inherently governmental function, as a matter of policy, is a function that is so intimately related to the public interest as to mandate performance by Government employees. An inherently governmental function includes activities that require either the exercise of discretion in applying governmental authority, or the making of value judgments in rendering decisions for the Government. Governmental functions normally fall into two categories: the act of governing (the discretionary exercise of Government authority) and monetary transactions and entitlements. (FAR 7.5)


What is the ACC Contracted Advisory & Assistance Services II (ACC CAAS II) contract, and who can use it?

The ACC CAAS II contract is the ACC preferred way to obtain A&AS. There are six contractor teams on the contract, with a total of 70 sub-contractors involved. ACC CAAS II contracting is available to all ACC organizations as well as tenent units.


What is the policy regarding Personal versus Nonpersonal Services?

FAR 37.104(b) states that agencies shall not award personal services contracts unless specifically authorized by statute. Public Law 101-165 authorizes acquisition of personal services of experts and consultants when a Determinations and Findings (D&F) is processed in accordance with department/agency regulations. In addition, 10 U.S.C. 1091 authorizes personal services contracts for health care.

The Office of Personnel Management has established requirements which apply in acquiring the personal services of experts or consultants. Therefore, if an organization believes they have a requirement for "personal services", they must prepare a D&F in accordance with DoD FAR Supplement 237.104. This D&F requires approval by SAF/AQ and must be coordinated with the Civilian Personnel Office. FAR 37.104(d) provides descriptive elements to be used as a guide in assessing whether or not a proposed contract is personal, or has the potential to become personal, in nature.

a. Performance on site.
b. Principal tools and equipment furnished by the Government.
c. Services are applied directly to the integral effort of agencies or an organizational subpart in furtherance of assigned function or mission.
d. Comparable services, meeting comparable needs, are performed in the same or similar agencies using civil service personnel.
e. The need for the type of service provided can reasonably be expected to last beyond 1 year.
f. The inherent nature of the service, or the manner in which it is provided, reasonably requires directly or indirectly, Government direction or supervision of contractor employees in order to --
i. Adequately protect the Government's interest:
ii. Retain control of the function involved; or
iii. Retain full personal responsibility for the function supported in a duly authorized Federal officer or employee.

Each contract arrangement must be judged in the light of its own facts and circumstances and no single element on this list makes a contractual arrangement personal. However, if these elements exist in a particular contractual setting, the potential for personal services should be carefully considered by all members of the Government team, including Legal council and contractor management. The key question to ask is: Will the Government essentially exercise continuous supervision and control over the contractor's personnel and their work products? If the potential exists for this, the contractual arrangements must be restructured.


When do I need a DDD?

In accordance with guidence included in DoD Directive 4205.2. (managing A&A Services) A DDD is required at the initial request for support and task order modifications that significantly increase level of support. The ACC CAAS II Program Management Office will assist the customer in preparing the document.
 Doing Business with ACC

How do I do business with Air Combat Command?

Please visit the the following Web sites:
 Employment with ACC units 

Position: 13B Air Battle Manager

Grade: 2LT-MAJ (Subject to UMDG availability) 
Location: New York Air National Guard 
Open: 29 June 2007-Until filled 
Active Guard/Reserve (TEMP AGR) Vacancy Announcement (AIR) Announcement Number A00-001A For more information contact Maj Territt COMM: (315) 334-6055, DSN: 587-6055


Position: 33S Comm and Information

Grade: 2LT-MAJ (Subject to UMDG availability) 
Location: New York Air National Guard 
Open: 29 June 2007-Until filled 
Active Guard/Reserve (TEMP AGR) Vacancy Announcement (AIR) Announcement Number A00-002A For more information contact Maj Territt COMM: (315) 334-6055, DSN: 587-6055.
 General Questions

Can I get a copy of a recent speech I heard from the ACC Commander or Vice Commander?

Please visit the Library portion of our Web site. We have a collection of recent speeches and sight pictures from the ACC senior leadership.


How do I get in touch with the Air Force Association?

Please visit the following Web site:


If I have a quesiton about VA Loans who can I talk to?

Please first visit the following Web site:


Where can I find a list of ACC units?

Please visit the Units section on our Web site for a complete listing of ACC units.


Where can I get view or download an electronic version of an ACC regulation?

If you are on an authorized computer, please visit the Web site below. If not, please contact ACC Public Affairs at (757) 764-5007.
 Locating ACC Personnel

I have a friend or family member at an ACC base, how can I locate that individual?

Call the Air Force World Wide Locator at (210) 565-2660 or written requests can be sent to: 

Air Force Worldwide Locator
550C Street West, Suite 5
Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4752
 Media Access

I am a member of the media, so how do I get access to an ACC event?

Please contact the ACC Media Division at (757) 764-5007 or e-mail
 Noise Complaints

What if I wish to file a noise complaint against an Air Force aircraft?

Contact the local Air Force base public affairs office. The public affairs office will help you deal with the issue. If the base public affairs is not able to assist you, please contact ACC Public Affairs at (757) 764-5994.
 Speaking Engagements

How can I get a someone from Headquarters Air Combat Command to come speak at a function?

Contact ACC Public Affairs at (757) 764-5994 or send an e-mail to
 Weapons and Tactics Conference 

1. What are the dates and times for the Industry Trade Show?

The Trade Show runs for two nights. The first night opens at 1730 at the Nellis Officers Club on 9 January 2008, and officially closes at 2200, but the main bar and club will remain open. The second night opening is 1730 (same location) on 10 January 2008, and again officially closes at 2200.


10. What is included in the booth space?

Each space has a 3' x 8' table and as many chairs as desired. Electrical hook-ups are provided. Table cloths will be provided in red, white, or blue, your choice or in any combination you desire. Tables will be skirted if desired. Please make your choice known to the ACC/A3TW POC and on your registration form. If the table and chairs interfere with your display, club personnel will remove the table and/or chairs.


11. Are there any additional costs?

There are no other additional costs. Of course, each company has its own associated cost for travel, lodging, display shipment, and any other company expense.


12. How and when are payment of fees required?

Payment can be made in the form of credit card (NO AMERICAN EXPRESS Cards are accepted at Military Clubs), cash or check and given to the Trade Show POC the first day of the show. Early payment can be sent (checks or credit card option) NLT 20 December 2007, to the Trade Show POC at HQ ACC/A3TW, 204 Dodd Blvd, Suite 131, Langley AFB, VA 23665. A receipt will be given for all fees. Reminder: all checks should be made payable to WEPTAC if sending in early and the Nellis Officers Club if paying there.


13. What is the Trade Show fee used for?

This is a non-profit event. All monies collected will be used to cater the two night event.


14. What is the shipping address for booth displays?

2008 WEPTAC Trade Show 
Nellis AFB Officers Club 
5871 Fitzgerald Blvd 
Nellis AFB, NV 89191-0720 
Club contact number: 702-644-2582 


15. Is storage space available and when should shipments arrive at Nellis AFB?

Yes, there is storage space available at the Officers Club. The loading dock at the rear of the Nellis Officers Club is capable of handling large loads. The club also has its own mobile fork lift operated by hand. Small shipments that can be moved by hand may arrive anytime after 5 January 2008. Large shipments should not arrive before 7 January 2008.


16. If I need an invoice prior to the trade show to make funds available is that possible?

Yes. Send an email addressed to the ACC/A3TW Trade Show POC (see question 8 above) requesting an invoice and one will be provided. Please send company name, POC, mailing address, and number of booth spaces requested.


17. Is there an option on booth location?

The majority of the spots are on a first come first serve basis. Although for those companies who have continually supported the Trade Show over the years they have their location identified unless they desire to move. It's best to identify several locations on registration. If you are a first time participant most likely you will be in the Atrium, the hallway, the coffee bar or Thunderbird room.


18. What are the display set up and tear down times?

The Nellis Officers Club will be available for set up from 1200 to 1800 on Tuesday 8 Jan 2008 and on Wednesday 9 Jan 08 from 0800 to 1630 (all booths should complete set up NLT 1630) with a start time of 1730. Doors open Thursday for the show at 1730 on 9 Jan 08 and for those companies departing early on 11 Jan 07 tear down of their displays may begin at 2100. The club will be available on 11 Jan 07 at 0800 for tear down and shipment. Plan your return shipments to be picked up not later than 1600 on 11 Jan 08.


19. What is the contact number of the Trade Show POC?

The POC can be reached at 757-764-5896 (HQ ACC/A3TW) prior to 1 Jan 08. Beginning on 2 Jan 08 until Trade Show completion the POC will be on his cell phone at 757-871-2178.


2. What events take place during the conference time frame?

Annually, ACC/A3TW conducts a Combat Air Force (CAF) Weapons and Tactics Conference. The 2008 conference will be held 2 - 11 January 2008 at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The conference is divided into two parts: the Tactics Review Board (TRB) 2 - 4, January 2008, and the Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC), 7 - 11 January 2008.


20. How do Industry reps gain access to Nellis AFB?

The Trade Show POC will develop an Entry Access List (EAL) for all Industry reps who do not have a valid military ID card. The following information will be required to be placed on the EAL: full name, driver license - state and number, and Company representing. Currently all vehicles that do not have a valid military decal must stop at the main gate visitors center and obtain an AF Form 75 (visitors pass). To obtain your pass you must be on the EAL or have a valid military ID card. Individual should proceed to the gate; identify themselves to the guard on duty as participating in the Trade Show at the Officers club. One's drivers license will be compared to the name on the EAL for validation. Documents necessary for your vehicle pass are registration and proof of insurance or rental agreement. This with a valid military ID card or validation on the EAL will allow you access to Nellis AFB. Passes are good for three days. If you need longer because you are arriving earlier remind the security police officer the EAL is for four days. If you experience any difficulties, please call the Trade Show POC. 
If you have questions about this event, or are interested in participating, please contact the ACC/A3TW Weapons & Tactics shop and ask for the Weapons & Tactics Conference Industry POC. The phone number is 757-764-5896. This is also the number to call for any problems you find with this site. 


3. What are the different working groups?

MDS: A-10 / B-1 / B-52 / B-2 / AWACS / F-15C / F-15E / AWACS / F-16 / F/A-22 / CRC / CAOC / UAS / ADS / ASOC/TACP / JSTARS / HC-130 / HH-60 / Guardian Angel / IO/Cyber 
Mission Areas: Counter Air / CAS / BMC2 / EA / Homeland Defense / ES / CSAR / Interdiction / ISR/NTISR / SEAD/DEAD / Datalink / SCAR/DT / GS / AEF Ops 


4. How is the WEPTAC structured?

All day Monday (7 Jan 2008) there are briefings to the mass military audience. That night is an Ice Breaker open to all military and civilians or industry reps at the Nellis Officers Club. Tuesday morning (8 Jan 2008) there are a few briefings to the mass military audience and then break up into MDS working groups for the remainder of the day. The evening is free. Wednesday morning (9 Jan 2008) there are again a few briefings to the mass military audience and then break up into mission area working groups for the day. This evening is the opening at 1730 of the Industry Trade Show at the Nellis Officers Club. This event is open to all. Thursday morning (10 Jan 2008) is catch up for all working groups. That afternoon the working group chairmen will develop their out briefs and a golf tournament at the Nellis Golf Course is planned for all interested parties both military and civilian. Registration for golf will be available for Industry reps at the Trade Show. That evening is the second night of the Industry Trade Show opening at 1730. Friday morning (11 Jan 2008) is the mass out brief to the general military audience and in the afternoon, an executive out brief to the Commander of ACC.


5. Who may participate in the Industry Trade Show?

The Trade Show is open to any company (on a first come, first served basis) that has an interest in exhibiting to the warfighter. Some of the technology requested, but not limited to: mission planning, mission debriefing, airborne laser, boresighting systems, weapons suspension and release, UAVs, aircraft engines, aircraft avionics, data link, ejection seats, survival gear and personnel equipment, air-to-air missiles, inertial navigational systems, new/targeting pods, HARM, JSOW, JDAM, LGBs, air-to-ground weapons, electronic attack systems, BOL, AVTR systems, NVGs, helmet cueing systems, JSF, and F-22. Block space early by registering at this web site and follow up with a phone call to the ACC/A3TW POC at 757-764-5896. to ensure availability. To ensure availability and acceptance to the show look for a personal E-mail from the show POC.


6. Does the potential exist for Industry reps to participate in the mass audience briefs or working group activities?

The mass audience briefs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings are restricted to government only. Industry reps, if invited to provide briefings (by the working group chairman) may participate in those working groups. If you are selected to provide presentations or briefings, please fax clearance to ACC/A3TW (757-764-4115) attention to the SHOW POC. Upon arrival at Nellis AFB industry rep registration is from 0900 to 1200 Tuesday and Wednesday in the main entrance of the Red Flag building. From 1200 to 1600 you may register at the Nellis officers club with the SHOW POC. Again this separate registration is only for those industry reps selected to brief in the individual working groups.


7. How does industry provide proposed briefings?

In mid August 2007, ACC/A3TW will request proposed briefings. A return response of briefing title and one or more sentences explaining the presentation should be provided to ACC/A3TW NLT 31 October 2007. The proposed briefings will be given to the individual working group chairman during a chairman training session (mid November 2007) as they will determine the agenda for their working groups. Companies will be notified of briefing selections and will work with the individual working group chairman on time and place of presentation.


8. How do I register for the trade show?

Registration is available by sending an E-mail to or call 757-764-5896 and ask for the Trade Show POC. Please provide the following information: Name of Company / amount of space required (1, 2 or 3 booths) / color of tablecloths for booths / Name of POC with E-mail address and phone number / any special requirements.


9. What is the size and cost of booth space?

Booth space is an area 10' x 10' and cost is $450 per space for both nights. This is our first increase in 5 years but the $50.00 per space increased is due to increased fees at the Nellis Officers Club.