New Space Force Leader Visits Crew at Cavalier Air Station

  • Published
  • By By Senior Airman Melody Howley
  • 319 Reconnaissance Wing, Pubic Affairs

Gen. John Raymond, U.S. Space Force chief of space operations, visited here, Jan. 10, for his first in-depth look at the Cavalier mission and to provide Spartan Airmen insight into the future of Space Force.

Cavalier AFS is the only isolated stateside installation in the Air Force. Located 15 miles west of the city of Cavalier, North Dakota, and 15 miles south of the Canadian border, Cavalier is home to the 10th Space Warning Squadron, which operates the Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System.

During his visit Raymond visited the PARCS, the only operational ground-based phased-array radar remaining from the 1970’s era “Safeguard” anti-ballistic missile program. In addition, he made history as the first commander to put a signature on the U.S. Space Command banner inside the facility.

He toured through the community activity center and took part in a lunch hosted by Spartan Airmen and their spouses, where he was able to take time to get to talk with them and their families.

Raymond also took the opportunity to speak with Airmen during an all-call where he announced a new $700 a month assignment incentive pay that will be given to those assigned to Cavalier. The AIP will provide financial relief for Cavalier airmen who pay on average 49% more for groceries due to their remote duty location. 

“It is an exciting time to be in the space business”, Raymond said.

Following the all-call, Raymond participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony that recognized the official activation and full operational capability of the 10 SWS Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. The SCIF will serve as the primary catalyst for enabling intel-driven operations for Cavalier.

Raymond was stationed at nearby Grand Forks Air Force Base from August 1985 to October 1989, where he was a second lieutenant assigned to the 321st Strategic Missile Wing. Today, he is the principal military adviser to the Secretary of the Air Force for Space Operations and supervises Space Force units and organizations as the designee of the SECAF.